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    • amandalr

      no where does this page inply at all, that the woman has went to police, filed charges or is BLAMING THE GUY in an attempt at ruining his life. All that we know is a male and female were found having sexual conduct in public and the crowd is split on whether or not it was consensual. So many people have posted it online that the police are investigating to see if a crime took place…. gesh can we let them do their job? someone should have called the cops so they could have come AT THE TIME! but now they have to work with pictures and witnesses after the fact… they don’t even know the names of the “couple” they may be alumini, not even students…. or just people who live in town?? Nice of everyone to get their names instead of video since they didn’t bother to call the police, now the police will have to work harder to figure this out..  glad to see people cared at the time..

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