20 Reasons Why Graduating From Boston University Sucks

Here’s to all the awesome things you’re leaving behind.

1. You’re going to have to change your zombie-like ways of walking to anywhere and everywhere you need to go. The 1.8-mile stretch of Commonwealth Ave is no longer your daily commute, and you might actually have to turn a corner now.

Via bu.edu

2. You might have to walk for more than 46 seconds to get to the nearest public transportation.

3. It might be a little bit harder to just walk on over to “the beach” for lunch. Or a nap.

That serene noise of traffic on Storrow Drive is just like the ocean waves, right?

4. It might be difficult to find a better way to spend your Thursday night…

5. Or your Friday night, and Saturday night, and Sunday night…

6. And how the hell are you ever going to enjoy nachos again? Sunset Cantina will always be in our hearts. And stomachs.

7. You’re actually going to have to buy condoms, instead of creepily sneaking into Student Health and shoving a handful of them into your backpack.

8. You never watched a football game.

Look at that potential…

9. And you won’t have the chance to check out the brand new $3 million New Balance field currently being built.

Because you were super pumped to watch the return of the Women’s Field Hockey team anyways, weren’t you?

10. You had one of the best hockey teams in the nation, but never went to a game.

11. It will be harder to talk shit about sorority girls and frat boys, because you might offend your future co-workers.

But you’ll still do it anyways.

12. You have to pay full price for a movie ticket.

$6.50 was a damn good deal.

13. You will never again have the chance to be knighted.

Via bu.edu

14. You’ll never be as cool as other BU grads, like Howard Stern, Julianne Moore, Geena Davis, or Martin Luther King Jr.

15. It will never be so difficult to get an A again.

Grade deflation, we l o v e you.

16. You’ll sincerely miss Boston’s take on Thirsty Thursday.

Via bu.edu

We don’t like the sun anyway.

17. Hearing Morgan Freeman speak in your presence ever again is definitely a long-shot.

Faith Ninivaggi / AP

18. You won’t be able to witness the rapid movements of the rare biddie species, who are unable to feel cold, wind, or rain.

(Click photo for full explanation)

19. You’ll miss those millions of Facebook posts of next semester’s colorful schedules.

^ Lol @ an engineering student vs. a communication student’s schedule

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