6 Reasons BuzzFeed Should Hire Me

An airtight argument for my gainful employment

1. I am a pop culture connoisseur. I watched Roseanne, even after they won the lottery.

2. I’m a positive and upbeat person (not a hater as they say). I didn’t even snicker when I saw Gary Busey On Celebrity Fit Club

3. I have a great social media presence. I bet my tweets could get Tommy Lee Jones to crack a smile.

4. My Blog is Both Informative and Fun

5. I’m a highly logical person. I still don’t get why I have to kick them to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger.

6. If I cut my hair, I will not ruin Buzzfeed for everyone

Bonus: Some people compare me to Woody Allen. And by some people, I mean one woman at the mall who said my bangs made me look like Woody Allen

So please, check out my application! Maybe over a nice danish?

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