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Tips For Hot Summer

It's getting hotter and hotter these days and I only wanna stay in my refrigerator and gnawing the ice! If you feel the same as I do, you need these tips below to spend a cooler summer.

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1.Drink much water

We should try to exercise when it's not so hot outside, say, in the morning and at night. And drink more than we did in other seasons. Don't drink ice water too much. It feels good when we drink the ice water, but it's bad for our stomach. And other chilled food, such as the iced fruit shouldn't be a substitute when you are thirsty.

2.Wear light-colored cloth

You may think black is dope, but in the 30+ degrees summer, it's better to wear white instead. The light color could reflect the solar light so we won't feel that hot. And it shows a more clean and comfortable space in our vision. For instance, If you couldn't sleep at night, you may change your dark beddings into a pure white one, then you could fall asleep easier. Here is what I prepare for the summer: white pillow cases. They do have another blue pillow case but trust me, the white one is the best choice and it's cheap to have 2 at such beautiful price.

3.Naps make you energetic

Stop staring at your phone and take a nap after lunch. Because of the high temperature (and the boring work), you may feel very very tired in the afternoon. It's bad for your work. Tasks are waiting for you and your boss is observing you through the glass. So take a nap to get rid of those terrible situations.

4.Take hot-water shower

Although using the cold water is super cool when I take a shower, when I wipe dry, I feel still hot after the shower. If I use the hot water, it's a little tough in the process but when I open the bath door, I feel like here are powerful electric fans blowing wind toward me. That's real SUPER COOL.

5.Finally, don't always stay with the air conditioner.

It's the easiest way to escape from the burning summer. But don't always stay in the room with the air conditioner on. It's not green, more important, it's very easy to get cold and headache when you leave the room. And don't say you could always stay in the room. It's summer, beach and surfing are great joy for you and your friends.

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