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    Posted on Feb 16, 2016

    Single People Get Fake Boyfriends And Girlfriends For A Week And It's Weird AF

    "I mean... have you seen the movie 'Her?'"

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    For all the ~single ladies and gents~ out there, you know that dating can be hard. So we decided to pair three people with invisible boyfriends...

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    ...And three people with invisible girlfriends for a week.

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    BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

    Using a service that costs about $25, we created our own invisible boyfriend or girlfriend. This fee pays for 100 texts between the invisible significant other and the participant, as well as voicemails.

    Our lucky single participants who got boyfriends were Kirsten, Chloe, and Nick.

    And locking down invisible ladies were Elvis, Eli, and Amanda.

    Elvis was pretty into the idea of dating an invisible person right off the bat.

    But Chloe had some reservations about getting attached to a fake person.

    And Eli felt the same. Hell, who knows how many other people your fake girlfriend is talking to?!

    When it came time to design the boyfriends, Kirsten just wanted to make sure they would have things in common.

    And Elvis really just couldn't wait to talk to his about the ~important stuff.~

    Nick, on the other hand, was already ready to break some of those company policies.

    The week started off rocky, as Amanda felt like her girlfriend was bland AF.

    And Chloe's boyfriend actually had the nerve to ignore her!!!

    Kirsten and Nick were on totally different pages with their boos.

    Halfway through the week, it was time for things to get a little more real, and for everyone to hear their invisible S.O's voice for the first time.

    Elvis was totally smitten after hearing his girl's voice!

    But Chloe and Kirsten actually received the SAME voicemail.


    What a player.

    Things took a turn for Eli, and he started really getting into the experiment.

    I mean, REALLY. They were talking about a ~future~ together.

    Amanda also felt like her connection was getting pretty deep.

    Meanwhile... Kirsten was on the verge of being broken up with by THIS PAID SERVICE.


    At the end of the experiment, both groups had good and bad experiences with their S.O.

    OK... so, some were really not great.

    But if it showed everyone nothing else... at least it showed people what they do and don't want in a *hopefully* real S.O.