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    In Cleveland, Or Watching The Republican Convention? Meet BuzzBot

    BuzzFeed News is experimenting with a new way to cover the 2016 conventions.


    The conventions are over and BuzzBot has powered down 🔌, but we'll have the code out shortly if you want to build your own Facebook Messenger bot. 🤖

    Aaron Fernandez / BuzzFeed News

    Help us tell the convention story, or tell us if you think Trump’s speech is 🔥 or 💩..

    We at BuzzFeed News are experimenting with a new way to cover the 2016 conventions: a Facebook messenger bot that will — we hope — be an engaging way to pass the time in Cleveland and Philadelphia, and help us tell the stories of the conventions.

    We hope you’ll connect with BuzzBot if you’re waiting for a roll call in the arena, protesting behind a police barricade, or just watching at home. Starting at the RNC (which opens on Monday!) we’ll be collecting photos and stories from inside the convention hall and outside at the protests. BuzzFeed News reporters will be all over the convention, but we want to give people on the ground a way to tell us what is going on, especially in places reporters might have missed (or might not be invited).

    Join Us

    1. If you don't already have FB Messenger (Free, iOS and Android) on your phone, definitely install it.

    Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

    2. Search for "BuzzFeed News" in Messenger.

    Amanda Hickman / BuzzFeed

    ...or 2a) scan the QR Code by going to the People tab > Scan Code ...

    Amanda Hickman / BuzzFeed

    For our iOS friends, the People tab is at the bottom of the screen, and you're just looking for Scan Code.

    ... and holding your phone up to this image:

    3. Click on "Get Started" or just send us a quick "hello" to get started.

    Amanda Hickman / BuzzFeed

    4. We'll walk you through the rest from there!

    Amanda Hickman / BuzzFeed

    Who Should Use This

    If you’re going to be at the RNC, whether you’re inside on the convention floor or outside at the barricades, or just following the news at home, you should add BuzzBot.

    Follow all of our convention coverage, and add BuzzBot!

    BuzzBot Is an Open Lab Project

    The Open Lab for Journalism, Technology, and the Arts is a workshop in BuzzFeed’s San Francisco bureau. We offer fellowships to artists and programmers and storytellers to spend a year making new work in a collaborative environment. Read more about the lab.