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Sarah Karlan • 3 years ago

Transgender-Cisgender Couples Talk About Their Relationships

"Be soft on the person, hard on the issue."

Natasia Hanratty • 3 years ago

6 Women Talk About What Wearing A Hijab Means To Them

"I'm more than just a woman in a scarf."

Tania Safi • 3 years ago

I'm Adopted, But I'm Not...

"And her race doesn't change the fact that she's my mom."

Desi Foote • 3 years ago

Trans Women Ask Trans Men Questions

"Why are trans men so attractive?"

Desi Foote • 3 years ago

Trans Men Ask Trans Women Questions

"What were you least expecting?"

Desi Foote • 3 years ago

Are You Taller Than Barack Obama?

Politics is a game of inches.

Desi Foote • 3 years ago

Are These Quotes From Donald Trump Or Christian Grey?

When it comes to The Donald, fact meets fiction rather quickly...

Saj Pothiawala • 3 years ago