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    A Generation Y Guide To Social Media History

    Let’s take a look back at the long, data-fueled road that has led us to where we are today — checking our Facebook pages every 15 minutes, where you saw this link and felt the need to click on it instead of doing something productive. Luckily, this post includes a valuable history lesson and not just a Tumblr of cat GIFs. When you're done reading, log out and go cure cancer already.

    10 free hours a month? How do they stay in business?!

    The sound of human interaction dying.

    Yes, this is real. Thank you, MS Paint.

    Try sitting here eating a bag of Fritos.

    It's 2003, welcome to MySpace.

    One year later...

    Smile and say 'daddy issues.'

    If only it were this easy in real life.

    1.99 for a cell phone game?!