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These 14 Calming Playlists On Spotify Will Help You To Relax

Take a deep breath...

If you're like me and want some tranquil tunes 24/7, I've got just the thing for you.

Photo of a colorful mountain scape with grey 'take a deep breath' text
Anand Purohit / Getty Images

If you need a background playlist for studying or a sleep accompaniment, these soft-feels playlists are sure to add an air of calm to any environment. 

Relaxing times ahead! (And PS — Clairo and Harry Styles pop up a bunch.)

1. Rainy Indie Afternoon vibes are 10/10. Grab a cup of tea, and stare out the window melodramatically.

Snuggle up!

2. This calming music playlist features "Good Days" by SZA for a boost of endorphins. / Via Spotify

It's a yes from me.

3. Calming Acoustic is well, calming and acoustic. Feel the stress melt away to the strum of a light, airy guitar. What could be better? / Via Spotify

4. Calming Instrumental Covers is like the Bridgerton soundtrack but, you know, calming. / Via Spotify

These "gentle instrumental covers of known songs" have it all.

5. This Calming, Reading Music playlist is perfect for cozy afternoons. Ahhh...serenity unlocked. / Via Spotify

"Calming music for reading, resting, and relaxing. Not from movie soundtracks. Updated regularly."

6. For those that toss and turn like me, this Calming Sleep Music playlist is great at lulling me off to dream land. Give it a try if you're feelin' restless. / Via Spotify

Let the relaxing vibes transport you to a restful sleep state.

7. The title says it all with this one: Calming Music for Anxiety is great at soothing the daily jitters. If you're working from home, queue this one up for a peaceful psuedo-office environment. / Via Spotify

Banish stress with this instrumental playlist.

8. This calming acoustic list also works if you've had one coffee too many. Quell any worries with Bon Iver acoustic. / Via Spotify

It's a new take on classic tunes.

9. The Relaxing Piano: Soft and Dreamy playlist makes everyone feel like they're in the middle of an elegant movie. / Via Spotify

Embrace the sweet main character energy.

10. This Calming Indie Shit playlist does a great job of rounding up the best peaceful ditties. / Via Spotify

Plus, any playlist that features Fleetwood Mac deserves a spot on the calming list.

11. Taylor Swift is the queen of emotional slow jams so, yeah, I had to include her in this roundup.

"State of Grace" acoustic? "Illicit Affairs"? "Safe and Sound"? Sign me up right now!

12. This Niall Horan–themed relaxation-inducing playlist is a must. Warning: You might cry too. But like a healthy emotions-releasing cry. It's all good.

Light a candle. Listen to Flicker. Ahhh...

13. Start your morning off right with this Calm Morning playlist. Bon Iver pops up again, which should make everyone feel like a whimsical wood nymph. / Via Spotify

14. Celestial and enchanting, this Atmospheric Calm playlist feels like free-walking through the night sky. / Via Spotify

"Melt into the Atmospheric Calm with these mellow beats and ambient tones." Thanks, Spotify.