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    Culture Shifting TV Shows And Movies That Gen Z Missed But Should Totally Watch

    Timeless shows and movies.

    There was once a time when one would record your favorite show the night before on the DVR and wait to watch it the next day...a time when you'd plan a weekend trip to the movies to finally see the new releases.

    In the age of streaming services, it's now easier than ever to access any TV show or movie. Gen Z missed out on something magical, but they can recapture the feeling. 

    These are the shows and movies the new generation couldn't see on their original release (because they were babies or not born yet!) but should definitely still watch now. 

    1. Full House

    ABC / Via

    The family-friendly sitcom was a staple weekday show. It is now available on YouTube TV. 

    2. Dawson's Creek

    The WB / Via

    This drama series follows a group of teens as they navigate growing up. It is available to watch on Netflix. 

    3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    NBC / Via

    This iconic sitcom, led by Will Smith, is essential viewing and definitely hits on the nostalgia factor. Watch it on HBO Max.

    4. Boy Meets World

    ABC / Via

    Nineties babies often reminisce about beloved characters Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter, and Topanga Lawrence. This show even got a spinoff, Girl Meets World, in 2014. Watch the original on Disney+.  

    5. All That

    Nickelodeon / Via

    The 1994 sketch comedy lasted 10 seasons and became part of everyday conversation with an all-star cast and memorable comedic moments. Watch the incredible Nickelodeon show on Amazon Prime now. 

    6. The Amanda Show

    Nick Rewind / Via

    The Amanda Show followed a premise similar to All That, but starred Amanda Bynes as the lead. Everyone remembers the dancing lobsters. Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

    7. Gilmore Girls

    The WB / Via

    This mother/daughter show is an autumn staple in every mid-20s adult household. Or at least it is in mine. Rory, Lorelai, Luke, and Suki are forever favorite characters. The show is available on Netflix, as is the revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

    8. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    ABC / The WB / Via

    Sabrina Spellman comes from a long line of witches but must also contend with things like high school and crushes and math homework. Available on Hulu, the show is seriously magical. 

    9. Saved by the Bell

    NBC / Teen Nick / Via

    Zack Morris must navigate growing up, first relationships, high school stress, and friendship in this lovable NBC sitcom. Watch it now on Peacock TV.

    10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB / Via

    The 1997 show aired for seven seasons and followed Buffy Summers, a vampire slayer. Sarah Michelle Geller is still known for the iconic role. It's available to watch on Hulu. 

    11. That's So Raven

    Disney Channel / Via

    Raven Baxter is a normal high school student ‚ÄĒ except she can see the future. The classic Disney Channel sitcom aired for four seasons and spawned multiple spinoffs. Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

    12. Scrubs

    NBC / Via

    The medical dramedy sitcom launched Zack Braff's career and aired for nine great seasons. It's available now on Hulu.  

    13. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    Everyone knows Lizzie McGuire! The movie version saw her travel to Rome with Gordo and her classmates in what turns out to be quite the adventure. Watch it on Disney+.

    14. Easy A

    Olive Bridge Entertainment / Screen Gems / Via

    The classic movie follows high schooler Olive as she navigates a lie that spins out of control. Loosely based on The Scarlette Letter, this charming romantic-comedy is one for the ages. Rent it on Amazon Prime.

    15. Space Jam

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    The '96 sports comedy is a live-action/animated hybrid that revolves around an evil alien theme park owner as he attempts to kidnap Bugs Bunny, the Looney Tunes, and Michael Jordan for his new attraction. There's also a new installment, Space Jam: A New Legacy. Watch the original on HBO Max.

    16. Juno

    Mandate Pictures LLC / Mr. Mudd / Searchlight Pictures / Via

    When high school student Juno finds out she's pregnant, she must then figure out what to do. Funny and heartwarming, this drama-romance is a must-see classic. Watch it on Hulu.

    17. Hairspray

    New Line Cinema / Offspring Entertainment / Ingenious Media / Storyline Entertainment / Via

    The musical follows 1960s teen Tracy Turnblad and her life in Baltimore as she becomes an overnight celebrity on The Corny Collins Show. Watch it on Netflix and prepare to be amazed. 

    18. Titanic

    20th Century Studios / Paramount Pictures / Lightstorm Entertainment / Via

    I have to believe everyone's seen Titanic by now, but if not, it's available on Netflix and was also released in 3D in 2012. 

    19. Bring It On

    Beacon Pictures / Via

    This cheerleader-centric movie is a must-watch. It originally premiered in 2000, and went on to spawn five sequels. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

    20. The Devil Wears Prada

    20th Century Studios / Dune Entertainment / Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

    When Andrea lands a job at a prestigious magazine, she's introduced to the cutthroat fashion world and must learn how to preserve her sense of self. Watch on Hulu.

    21. Mean Girls

    Paramount Pictures / https://M.G.Films / Broadway Video / SNL Studios / Via

    This classic film follows new student Cady Heron as she attends public school in Illinois for the first time. She learns how to deal with mean girls ‚ÄĒ and so much more. You can rent Mean Girls on Amazon Prime.

    What are your favorite movies from childhood? Let us know below!