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    All The Times Mae Whitman Rocked An Iconic Bright Lipstick Look On "Good Girls"

    From sparkly teal eyeliner to vivid red matte lips, Good Girls character Annie Marks's makeup look always hits the mark.

    There are a lot of reasons to love Good Girls. It's funny and heartwarming and a bit sinister with a twist, and the main characters have gotten into a bit of trouble (and broken a few laws) over the four seasons.

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    While there are plenty of beauty looks to boast about on the show, what has always caught my eye is Mae Whitman's endless parade of vivid lipsticks or stains or what have you as Annie Marks.

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    Her colorful display gets me every time.

    Trust me, you'll want to break out the red lippie (and sparkly metallic eyeliner) after viewing these looks throughout the series:

    1. This fuchsia matte lip is gosh-darn perfection.

    2. This more subtle version of the fuchsia-pink lip look is still just as fun.

    Mae Whitman in character as Annie Marks.
    Steve Dietl / NBC

    3. This tulip-pink lip stain adds such a nice color to her winter look.

    4. Even when something's amiss, Annie's peachy lipstick and neutral eyeshadow still stand out.

    5. Sure, Annie's in the middle of something dramatic, but she always makes time for a bright orange-red lip look.

    6. Everything here is A+ — the semi-neutral pink-red lip, the sparkly star clip.

    7. Trading in the bright red for a softer pink, Annie looks equally cool in a lighter-pink look.

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    8. And here, too. Maybe it's because I'm used to seeing barely there makeup looks on TV shows, but Annie and her colorful makeup really make my heart happy.

    9. Annie's style is giving me cool, young mom with a punk twist. The bleached bob and red lip is not exactly your typical 'mom' look...though, in my opinion, it very well should be.

    Annie with red lips and blonde hair, frowning in the back seat of a car
    Steve Dietl / NBC

    10. The pop of color has come to define this character's style over the seasons in a way that makes me (and every other lipstick lover) so happy.

    Characters Sadie and Annie Marks sitting at a restaurant table and smiling
    Jordin Althaus / NBC

    11. Her makeup looks are never too extreme or out there, but take this soft red lip, for instance: The wash of color adds such an intriguing and playful feel to the character.

    12. Mauve and marvelous, the deeper pink color complements the sparkly silver eyeshadow so well that I'm about to break out my old Claire's eyeshadow set. BRB.

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    13. If you look at this photo for more than a glance, you'll see electric-purple eyeliner and an orange-coral lip look that's about to become my spring makeup palette.

    Mae Whitman as Annie Marks standing in a kitchen wearing a leather jacket
    Steve Dietl / NBC

    BRB, going to Sephora now.

    14. This burnt-orange lipstick is *chef's kiss*.

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    15. Here, Annie is going for a grungier look with a '90s brick-colored matte lip — and oh, does it work!

    Mae Whitman as Annie Marks standing in a kitchen holding a newspaper
    Steve Dietl / NBC

    16. See that swipe of sparkly silver liner? Amazing. The statement eye is amplified by her coral-red lip. Gah, my lipstick-loving heart is proud.

    17. The casual outfit is cute (everyone needs a sturdy utility jacket, am I right?), but paired with this red lip, it's modern and cool.

    Mae Whitman as Annie Marks
    Jordin Althaus / NBC | 2019 NBCUniversal Media LLC

    18. Glossy and pink and fantastic. I couldn't ask for anything more.

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    19. Finally, this picture, which was taken on the set of the show, includes metallic teal eyeliner and a coral-orange matte lip. It's just plain cool, okay?

    I've scoured the internet to present you with these incredible photos and GIFs of Mae Whitman — you're very welcome.

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    Now, go about your day in a dashing, pink-lipped look, and maybe even a swipe of metallic eyeshadow, for an Annie Marks–inspired feel.

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