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    Katherine Heigl's Best Rom-Coms, Ranked From Worst To Best

    From 27 Dresses to The Big Wedding, I've ranked all of Heigl's best romantic movies for your viewing pleasure.

    Katherine Heigl once said she did too many rom-coms throughout her career; but as a lifetime lover of cheesy (and funny) love stories, her movies sit at the top of my list.

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    Here are all of her romantic comedies from the best iconic-beyond-measure roles to...the not-so-great:

    8. The Worst: The Big Wedding

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    She's not the star player in The Big Wedding so it's negotiable to include this as a true Heigl film...but her big scene with Robxert De Niro is so emotionally stirring that it's worth an honorable mention, in my opinion.

    7. New Year's Eve

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    Sure, she's part of a pretty big ensemble cast but she still leaves an impression even with limited screen time. The overtly cheesy plotlines certainly don't offer up much to work with but it's okay. Heigl still delivers with the small script she has.

    6. Killers

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    Killers is a bit of an unorthodox rom-com and as the name suggests, this one's more action-packed and less "walk off into the sunset." Though the beginning scenes suggest otherwise. With a dose of good humor, Heigl plays the slightly befuddled lovestruck protagonist well, but compared to the unadulterated joy of watching 27 Dresses, Killers slightly misses the mark.

    5. The Ugly Truth

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    She's a hard-working, serious television producer; he's an obnoxious player. They're made for each other... They just don't know it yet.

    4. Jenny's Wedding

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    Technically this one is a romantic drama, but still, it's a wonderful tearjerker with storylines that feel all the more important. Not to discount Heigl's screen presence in this movie, but I also have a soft spot for Alexis Bledel.

    3. Knocked Up

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    Maturity-wise, Seth Rogan is at a 3.5 here but he's just so fun to watch! It hits with the humor and also provides tender moments between this unlikely couple. Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd make appearances too so...enough said.

    2. 27 Dresses

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    It's a classic film with iconic scenes. Plus, if you're not singing along to the Benny and the Jets bar scene, are you really doing rom-coms right?

    I mean, we all need a good happy cry every once in a while, and the ending scene of 27 Dresses certainly delivers.

    1. The Best: Life As We Know It

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    I'm ranking this number one because when I think of Katherine Heigl, I think of this movie. Unexpectedly sweet, Life As We Know It packs in all the "rom" and just the right amount of "com."

    What are your favorite Katherine Heigl movies? Let us know in the comments!