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    Katherine Heigl's Best Rom-Coms, Ranked From Worst To Best

    From 27 Dresses to The Big Wedding, I've ranked all of Heigl's best romantic movies for your viewing pleasure.

    Katherine Heigl once said she did too many rom-coms throughout her career; but as a lifetime lover of cheesy (and funny) love stories, her movies sit at the top of my list.

    Here are all of her romantic comedies from the best iconic-beyond-measure roles to...the not-so-great:

    8. The Worst: The Big Wedding

    7. New Year's Eve

    6. Killers

    5. The Ugly Truth

    4. Jenny's Wedding

    3. Knocked Up

    2. 27 Dresses

    1. The Best: Life As We Know It

    What are your favorite Katherine Heigl movies? Let us know in the comments!