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    12 Reasons Why You Should Watch Feel Good On Netflix ASAP

    Love, life, complications, questions — this show has it all.

    Feel Good isn't exactly a feel-good show in that it deals with actual issues, but don't discount it yet. It's definitely worth a watch.


    The show follows recovering addict and comedian Mae (played by Mae Martin of course) as she navigates dating, life, love, and recovery.

    Netflix / Via Tenor

    I'm gonna be honest with you. I didn't know what to expect from this Netflix show, but it's so good — and complicated and heartfelt. Here's why you should binge-watch it ASAP. 

    1. It's laugh-out-loud funny.

    2. It shows a real-to-life queer relationship.

    Netflix / Via Tenor

    Mae and George go through it all together: the ups and downs...the good and the bad...the messy and sweet moments. You'll love them together, but also, the show doesn't shy away from showing their faults.

    3. It's semi-autiobiographical.

    4. It's chaotic — just like life.

    Netflix / Via Tenor

    Mae is a self-destructive person but, like, in a lovable way.

    5. The show also does a fantastic job at exploring the fluid nature of gender and sexuality.

    6. It grapples with difficult subjects such as recovery — and the anxiety that comes along with it.

    Netflix / Via Tenor

    Feel Good doesn't glamorize any of the hard subjects, and that includes narcotics recovery. 

    7. There are incredible side characters.

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    Phil, George's roommate, is underrated, and Maggie, oh Maggie, how I love thee. Quick to invite Mae into her life, Maggie is Mae's "sponsor" and a wild card. I truly love both of them.

    8. It really shows us the complex nature of love in all its forms.

    Photo of Mae and George sleeping
    Netflix / Courtesy Everett

    From Maggie's relationship with her daughter, Lava, to Mae and George's slightly codependent romantic relationship to Mae's relationship with her parents...the bonds between people are always changing, and Feel Good shows that.

    9. It has Lisa Kudrow!

    Netflix / Via Tenor

    I'm not a fan of her character, Linda, though I sympathize with what she's gone through. 

    10. It talks about sex and sexuality in a really beautiful, honest, and intricate way, which can (sadly) be rare for TV shows...

    Netflix / Via Tenor

    In the past, sex and sexuality have been glamorized or tokenized, and this show does not do that.

    11. There are some hysterical one-liners that I've been using with my friends and think you'll want to adopt them too.

    12. Feel Good doesn't box itself in as one specific thing and instead explores the duality of life and love.

    Photo of Mae and George cuddling
    Netflix / Courtesy Everett

    Which is really refreshing to see. 

    Have you watched the show yet? What's your favorite part?

    Netflix / Via Tenor

    Note: The show features topics that could be potentially harmful to viewers, such as substance abuse, addiction, toxic relationships, and narcissistic parenting.

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