These "Hamilton" And "Encanto" Song Mashups Prove Lin-Manuel Miranda Is A Musical Genius

    Sing-along, anyone?

    ICYMI, Lin-Manuel Miranda has some serious talent. This is Lin here.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda attending the opening night premiere of 'In The Heights'

    He wrote In the Heights, and another musical you've ~probably~ heard of: Hamilton.

    US version of the poster, Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton, 2020. ©

    Lin also produced music for Moana, directed his first feature film, Tick, Tick...Boom!, and most recently helped create the concept of Encanto from the ground up while contributing eight songs to it.

    Colorful ENCANTO poster featuring main character Mirabel Madrigal and family

    Now he's going viral thanks to a few mashups between his original Hamilton production and the recently released Encanto.

    So, without further ado, let's check out some of the INCREDIBLE mashups some fun people on the internet have created.

    1. The heartbreak of "Burn" with "Waiting on Aa Miracle" is a real self-love journey. The ties between these two songs are truly beautiful.

    2. The word count on this song! The drama of it all!


    I guess y’all like Hamilton/Encanto mashups? 😁🎶✨ #wedonttalkaboutbruno

    ♬ original sound - Jacob Sutherland

    3. Here's a longer version with the music from "Burn" incorporated within "Waiting on a Miracle," which has just as big of an impact. Did you even notice they're two separate instrumentals?

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    4. "Satisfied" and "What Else Can I Do?" — are you kidding?! They're so consistent musically with each other, and it creates a seamless song. They fit together perfectly!

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    5. The duet we didn't know we needed is here. Do you hear how the cadence of both these songs is the same!

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    6. This is a different kind of mashup...and it's causing full body chills!

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    7. These dance moves? 10/10. This song mashup? 10/10.


    The mashup of Hamilton and Emcanto you didn’t know you needed

    ♬ original sound - Jacob Sutherland


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    9. We don't talk about ALEXANDER HAMILTON!

    10. "Say No to This" feat. Dolores Madrigal? Sign me up!

    11. Gimme more mashups, pls!

    12. I loved this "Spanglish" rendition of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" so much that I had to include it even though it doesn't include any songs from Hamilton — which is what you're here for.

    13. Back to the scheduled programming... A "Nonstop" and "We Don't Talk About Bruno" mashup = instant serotonin.

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    14. If "Surface Pressure" was "Satisfied"? Mind-blowing. Honestly.

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    15. And finally, this one is a joke, but I just have to include it:

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    Tell me you're singing along to these mashups? I know I am!