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    17 Of The Most Frustrating Design Flaws In Modern NYC Apartments

    Warning: Annoyance bound to occur.

    Sure NYC sounds glamorous, but finding a new apartment (especially here) can be a real drag. We've all dealt with confusing layouts and designs, but these frustrating flaws in modern apartments might cause some actual fuming to occur.

    So let's take a look at some of the worst offenses in New York City real estate.

    Note: This is all a part of living in New York City, and I am not dissing it at all — just pointing out the design flaws and lack of common sense that goes into what could be state-of-the-art apartments.

    1. An incomprehensible layout can really get on potential renters' nerves.

    2. Sometimes, there's a washing machine in the kitchen. Why? Nobody knows. Well, maybe it has to do with the electrical sockets and/or hot water supply?

    NYC apartments are insane. Why is the washing machine next to the oven???

    Twitter: @CaitCamelia

    3. Barely there living rooms that also include a random shower are cause for confusion.

    NYC rlly has the AUDACITY to charge $2,000/month rent for a 1br apt with ya shower in ya damn living room!!!! AND no refrigator or kitchen sink??! These ppl are outta control

    Twitter: @laaaaur__

    Imagine this: You come home after a long day and just want to relax on the couch...except your living room is also where you shower.

    4. And of course, there are showers found in NYC kitchens too:

    My boyfriend and I are experiencing the pleasures of searching for an apartment in NYC and this one is a winner because you can shower and cook breakfast at the same time. No, really, the shower is IN the kitchen. And only for $2,700 /mo.

    Twitter: @MichalKolaczko


    5. Speaking of kitchens in NYC, I'm constantly seeing kitchens with zero counter space. Maybe designers are trying to promote takeout orders?

    the kitchen on this $2,650 NYC apartment is killing me

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @JucheMane

    6. Whoever decided to create a kitchen with absolutely no cabinets is not someone I'd like to talk to. (OK, maybe just to ask WHY!)

    This apartment is in Manhattan NYC the Rent is $1400 a month... 😐

    Twitter: @BrothaGenesis

    7. We've all had an impractically tiny bedroom that barely seems to fit a bed... Right? But it could house a mouse!

    Every day I fall more in love with my cute lil nyc bedroom, even if I sometimes have to cohabitate with a small mouse I have named Alfredo

    Twitter: @ThsRThrStories

    Or, if the bed takes up the whole room, the mouse can become a roommate!

    8. On the flip side, if your appliances or kitchen drawers aren't measured properly, there's a high chance it'll hit another drawer when you pull it out or block your space entirely.

    Twitter: @Stefmara

    I've seen it happen too many times to count.

    9. A complete lack of closet space or closets at all! So, you improvise!

    “I live in a 72-square-foot apartment in NYC for $1,350. Here are 10 ways I make the most of my small space.”

    Twitter: @Phil_Lewis_

    I've toured apartments that have not a closet to be seen — which is confounding.

    10. That bit of extra space in a random corner is just... WHAT?

    Living room space decked out with plants, a couch, and chairs

    11. There's a startling lack of natural light in some of these new complexes.

    Looking for apartments in NYC and all the entries that are affordable are like "great neighborhood! roomy apartment! renting out one bedroom! no window to the outdoors! beautiful brick! really great location!"

    Twitter: @evilclamchowder

    Have you ever walked into a space and realized there are windows in the living room? It's not exactly a good look.

    12. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about a lack of privacy. No need to invest in curtains!

    tell me you’re apartment hunting in nyc without telling me you’re apartment hunting in nyc

    Twitter: @caitykauffman

    13. There's always a random heating pole in the center of a room.

    No NYC apartment would be complete without a freestanding hot pipe. Hot pipe: it’s tall, it’s hot, and it’ll burn ya.

    Twitter: @samlymatters

    14. Prepare for a lack of space overall, but don't be surprised when room for normal kitchen appliances gets replaced by a bathtub instead.

    The best thing about the listing for the $3,100 NYC apartment with the bathtub in the kitchen is it includes a mocked up image of how it would look once you include a dining table & chairs

    Twitter: @tomgara

    I've heard about living spaces where they can't even fit a microwave in their kitchen. Now, it's not the worst thing in the world obviously, but if you're paying an extremely high price to live there, shouldn't you at least be able to fit appliances on the counter?

    15. When your toilet and shower exist outside of your you really have a bathroom?

    I just saw an apartment in NYC. It’s 70sqft and it’s so small that it doesn’t have a bathroom. The restroom is shared and it’s in the hallway. Oh and the price is $1600😑

    Twitter: @Marydeth_Blake

    16. When your bedroom and bathroom and kitchen come together because you're in a 300-foot space.

    they got the shower in the kitchen across from the stove. new york is insane.

    Twitter: @hinadirah

    It's called a studio, and it has its perks.

    17. And finally, the pole that seems to be in every apartment across the boroughs, from Staten Island to the Bronx.

    The traditional NYC apartment living room pole.

    Twitter: @gabejamckinley

    And just for fun, this person found a hidden room behind her bathroom mirror. NYC never ceases to amaze.


    Twitter: @CheyMillz

    Extra tiny bathrooms, no living room, or a sketchy hidden room means you're forced to live in a state of complete confusion.