17 Habits That Could Completely Ruin A First Date

    These odd answers will make you shiver.

    First-date jitters. They're real. You're having a good time, but then...it all goes wrong.

    When Reddit user u/h8raide88 posed the question, "What habit or personality trait is a dating dealbreaker for you?" the answers came pouring in.

    Here's what they said.

    1. If they interrupt you while you're talking.

    Photo of a guy and a girl looking upset at a diner

    2. When they're on their phone the entire time.

    Photo of a person looking at their phone while eating dinner

    3. If they're a know-it-all.

    Photo of a girl and a guy arguing

    4. If they get excessively drunk.

    Person in a suit holding multiple glasses of wine

    5. If they start a distasteful discussion about money.

    Photo of $100 bills

    6. If they're on their phones the entire time and then conveniently "forget their wallet"...

    photo of a person taking a photo of tacos from their cell phone

    7. If they spend the entire date offering advice you didn't ask for.

    Photo of a couple on a virtual date

    8. If they smoke.

    Photo of a person smoking a cigarette

    9. If being rude is their way of flirting.

    Photo of a person opening up Snapchat on their phone

    10. If you send a questionnaire before you meet.

    Photo of a person typing on a computer

    11. If they make you read their bad poetry.

    Photo of a guy reading poetry in a plaid shirt

    12. If they order shots at brunch.

    Photo of a brunch set up with wine and coffee

    13. If they only talk about their life and never ask about you.

    Photo of a cat wearing sunglasses

    14. If they pressure you to drink or insist on you going to their place.

    Photo of a glass of whiskey

    15. If they litter.

    Photo of a person tossing a water bottle out the window of their car.

    16. If they try to one-up you.

    Photo of a music festival in action

    17. And finally, if they try to get you involved in their pyramid scheme.

    Photo of an Influencer recording a makeup video

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.