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16 Powerful Serena Williams Moments That Prove She's The G.O.A.T.

Serena Williams is constantly breaking barriers left and right.

As a standout champ in the tennis world, Serena Williams continues to make her mark on and off the court.

Serena Williams holding a trophy

She ushered in a new era in this popularly male-dominated sport. The 23-time Grand Slam winner is known for her fierce dedication and immovable will to succeed.

Serena Williams of the United States serves in her Women's Singles Semifinals match against Naomi Osaka
Andy Cheung / Getty Images

Various tennis stars have gone on the record saying she's the greatest of all time. So here are her best moments, including how she built herself back up time and time again.

Serena Williams celebrates victory during the Ladies Singles second round match against  Christina McHale
Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

1. When she won the French Open in 2015 while sick with the flu.

Serena Williams shows her emotion to the crowd after winning her Women's Singles semi-final match against Elina Svitolina
Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

Her work ethic is unmatched!

2. She won the 2017 Australian Open while she was 8 weeks pregnant.

Serena Williams returns the ball during the Womens Singles Final of the 2017 Australian Open
Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

That's hardcore.

3. That time she wore an iconic look on the court in 2002. It was deemed "controversial" at the time but only cemented her status as a major fashion player.

Stan Honda / Getty Images

4. When she stood up against body-shamers and asserted her power.

Serena Williams arrives at the Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50
Gregg Deguire / FilmMagic / Getty Images

She told Good Morning America in 2015: "I've been like this my whole life, and I embrace me and I love how I look. I love that I am a full woman, and I'm strong and I'm powerful and I'm beautiful at the same time and there's nothing wrong with that. I just don't have time to be brought down. I have too many things to do, you know. I have Grand Slams to win. I have people to inspire. And that's what I'm here for."

5. When she gave birth to her adorable daughter, Alexis Olympia in 2017.

6. When she wore an incredibly slick black catsuit at her first post-birth match and hereby got catsuits banned.

Serena Williams celebrates victory during the ladies singles third round match against Julia Georges
Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

This game-ready look was designed to help her with blood clots that almost killed her during birth. I mean, that's serious stuff, and officials spoke out banning the look? Ridiculous.

7. When she penned a beautiful letter to her mother about motherhood that had everyone in tears.

8. When she starred in Beyonce's Sorry music video.

Parkwood Entertainment /

9. When she played against her sister, Venus, in the first-ever primetime women's final tournament at the U.S. Open.

Venus and Serena Williams hug after Venus won the US Open September 8, 2001
Newsday Llc / Getty Images

The Williams sisters are known for their rivalry, despite being incredibly close. When Serena played against Venus in the first primetime women's game in 2001, the world stopped to watch the action unfold.

10. When she called for Equal Pay on Black Women's Equal Pay Day.

Serena Williams speaks during 'Real Talk with Two Female Champions Inspiring the Next Generation'
Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Her essay for Forbes calls for change and sparked a wider, important conversation on pay disparity.

11. Her fabulous one-shouldered tutu moment on the court.

Tim Clayton - Corbis / Getty Images

The Off-White, Nike & Serena Williams collab was a total head-turner.

12. When she starred on the cover of British Vogue looking so glam.

13. How about the time she co-chaired the 2019 Met Gala?

14. When she started her own clothing line in 2018.

15. When she starred in a Super Bowl commercial.

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The Michelob Ultra commercial was a smash hit.

16. When she won FOUR Olympic gold medals.

Serena Williams poses on the podium with her gold medal after defeating Russia's Maria Sharapova in the women's singles gold medal match
Luis Acosta / Getty Images

She always goes for the gold.

Now, this is just a small slice of her amazing legacy, and she's sure to continue accomplishing incredible things for well, ever.

What's the best Serena moment? If I didn't mention it here, what's your favorite Serena fact or accomplishment?

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