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My Moms Reaction To Game Of Thrones Season 1

My Mom recently decided she wanted to watch Game of Thrones, I had been meaning to watch it too so we decided to watch it together! What a great adventure we had in front of us! As a person of the internet I felt like I knew a decent amount about the show and was very excited to finally start watching. My Mom however, did not have the slightest idea about what it's about. As a result she had many questions and comments...

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How many seasons are there?

Oh boy

How long are the episodes?

She's very concerned with the time commitment

So this was a book?

Do you have any idea what's going on?

What was this on HBO?

She's on to all this cursing

Wait who's the Linchinstires? Lancasters?


*Theme song starts*

Oy vey I'm still confused


Who the heck is that?

I don't know, I'm also watching this for the first time, Mom

Why don't they just wear shorter dresses instead of dragging them in the dirt?

Are those dragon eggs ever gunna hatch?

Getting very impatient

This whole thing is very confusing

Did we only watch 2? Oh god

She seems to be really enjoying it

This is so long

Why are they so long?

Ooof very grotesque

I'll save you the image

So gory!

Alright already!

Not a big fan of violence

Why is this so vulgar and beastly?

George RR Martin please explain!!!


Can't say I was that surprised to see pigeons myself but to each his own

I can't believe they did that

Me neither, Mom, me neither

That's a crime!

It really is

Well that's all I got for Season 1, keep a look out for Season 2!

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