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    If You Want To Make Your Life Easier, These 54 Home Items May Help

    Organization hacks, easy-to-use cleaning supplies, time-saving cooking appliances, and *so* much more.

    1. A jar of the bestselling Pink Stuff for those hard-to-get stains, dirt, and rust spots around the house. It works for everything from bathtubs and stove tops to tennis shoes and crayon-covered walls.

    A reviewer shows before and after photos of their bathtub. Before it is rusted and dirty and after using The Pink Stuff, it is white and clean.

    2. An under-cabinet drawer great for cleaning supplies in the kitchen or beauty products in the bathroom. Some reviewers even use it to organize their food pantry. Basically, you've got options here.

    A reviewer pulls out their drawer to reveal three sponges, four magic erasers, two handheld scrub brushes, one dish brush, four folded dish cloths, and a folded drying pad all neatly arranged

    3. A set of water-absorbent coasters that are just as cute as they are useful. These marble-style coasters are fast acting when it comes to liquid cleanup, and they even have a cork bottom so there is no unwanted movement.

    a reviewer shows five coasters stacked in its metal stand, with one sitting out with a glass on top

    4. A pack of light-dimming LED covers for those distracting bright and flashy lights on all of the electronics in your home. They work on everything from cable boxes to alarm clocks. You'll have a much better night's sleep and be able to focus on work without looking at that annoying light from the corner of your eye.

    reviewer showing the blue light on their cable box and then it significantly dimmed after using the patches

    5. Slow cooker liners that are amazing for quick and easy clean up! No more need for an intense clean or soaking overnight after every use.

    slow cooker with two dips in it separated thanks to the plastic liners

    6. A set of food storage containers with airtight lids that are dishwasher safe and pleasing to the eye. You really can have it all. 😌

    Promising review: "I ordered a few different sets from this company and all seem really airtight so far. I like how they stack and am loving the label options. My pantry is looking really organized. Yay!" —Jackie

    Get them from Amazon for $30.99+ (available in three colors).

    7. A collapsible hanger that not only makes it easier to see all your options in a crowded closet, but it uses half the space! This hanger holds up to five pairs of pants but only takes up the space of two or three. *Mind blown* 🤯

    five pairs of pants on the hanger in both hanging options

    8. A compact air fryer for quick and delicious food. This Dash air fryer won't take up much space, but it will make (or reheat) some amazing meals.

    The air fryer in black, featuring an analog timer, round temperature dial, and convenient handle for removing the basket

    9. And some reusable air fryer liners because sometimes clean up is the most tedious part of cooking. These babies will make clean up a breeze, and because they're made of silicone, you'll get years of use!

    a reviewer's red liner
    a reviewers shows the black liners in the air fryer

    Promising reviews: "I absolutely love these liners. I love the fact that you get three in the package so you don’t have to immediately wash the one you’re using before you reuse it you can just simply use one of the other two, this was a brilliant idea." —Roxanne C 

    "These are nice silicone liners. They fit our 5.8-quart Cosori air fryer perfectly. They’re easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. They also make cleanup of the air fryer easier. They’re perforated, so you can still make food crispy." —Terry R. Nye

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $10.75+ (available in five styles).

    BTW, there are round versions available for $12.97!

    10. A silverware sorter that takes up very little space in your drawer, but can fit up to 24 pieces of cutlery. The possibilities with the extra space are endless.

    a reviewer shows an organized kitchen drawer with three gray silverware sorters

    11. A hanger stacker you didn't know existed, but could definitely use in your closet. Those annoying tangled bins of hangers are about to go *poof*!

    12. A sock and underwear organizer so awesome, you might just open the drawer and stare for fun. This set of four is guaranteed to maximize space in your dresser, too.

    reviewer photo showing underwear and sock organizer in their dresser drawer

    13. An affordable bidet from Tushy that will make your bum feel like royalty. You can adjust the water temperature for your preferred clean, and reduce toilet paper use along the way.

    14. A backrest pillow filled with memory foam that'll support you while lounging around the house. Movies in bed, puzzling on the floor — you name it.

    A blue and grey stand up pillow with arms and a handle on the top.

    15. A silicone bread maker for those who love the hobby but hate the time it takes. This silicone bread maker handles the entire baking process from start to finish!

    The bread process of in three steps using the bread maker. The first image shows the dough, second shows it in the oven, third is the final result of a loaf

    16. A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets to deep clean the thing that washes your bowls, utensils, and cookware (among other things) for you. Trust me, it needs it every once in a while!

    17. A bottle of Folex spot remover that'll make even the toughest of stains disappear from furniture, carpets, and other fabric surfaces. (And yes, that includes red wine stains, don't worry.)

    18. A small knife sharpener to make your knives work like new again. Bonus points for not taking up extra space in the kitchen!

    hands sharpening a knife with the black sharpener

    19. A coffee mug warmer with three heat settings and an auto shutoff feature so you'll never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off when not in use.

    20. Some under-bed storage containers for storing shoes and out of season clothing away and out of sight.

    21. An outlet shelf to give yourself extra space for things like toothbrushes and hair products without the loaded effort of finding perfectly-sized shelves, finding studs in the wall, making sure everything is leveled, etc, etc.

    22. A Keurig K-Mini coffee maker so you can make a quick and delicious cup of joe before you start your day. Will you get up early enough to stop at the cafe? Debatable. But will you have an easy, single-serve coffee maker at home? Yep!

    23. Or a cold brew pitcher if you're strictly an iced coffee fan. All you need to do is put grounds into the filter, add some water, and let it sit overnight. The next day you'll have some yummy cold brew!

    a reviewer shows a full cold brew maker sitting beside a glass of iced coffee.

    24. A knit weighted blanket that'll make life easier in the sense of better sleep and being a calming hug when you need. Because it's knit and has open spaces, this blanket will keep you relaxed without making you too hot. When not in use, it's the perfect throw for your couch or bed.

    25. Or a wearable blanket because it looks like a giant hoodie but feels like the most warm and comfortable blanket ever. It's even lined with fluffy sherpa to keep in the extra warmth when you're lounging at home or out and about.

    26. A set of Wad-Free pads to prevent your sheets from tangling in the wash, catching other clothes, and not actually drying. These will save you from having to run the dryer twice.

    the wad free pads attached to a bed sheet

    27. A wooden cord organizer so your desk doesn't look chaotic with wires everywhere. It'll make concentrating on work much easier with a clean space.

    28. Or a cable organizer box to hide it all, including that huge extension cord that's always in the way.

    a reviewer photo of tons of tangled cords and an after photo of a clean space with the white cord organizer on the floor

    29. A small gold bar cart that doesn't take up too much space, but can be the center of attention when you want it to be because of the attached wheels. Easy peasy.

    Reviewer's bar cart sits in the corner of a dining room and is holding various liquor bottles and barware

    30. A set of silicone baking mats to prevent food from sticking to the pan, which makes for a much easier clean-up. BTW — reviewers say they're WAY better than parchment paper.

    A reviewer's homemade sugar cookies on the baking mat

    31. An essential-oil diffuser that will have your home smelling like lavender, citrus, or whatever your scent of choice may be. This diffuser changes color, can last up to three hours, and has an auto-shutoff feature perfect for when you forget about it (unlike candles).

    a reviewer's 100ml diffuser sitting on a table beside incense and picture frames. The diffuser has a wooden base and a cream-colored top.