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    Reviewers Say These 20 Cleaning Products "Never Fail"

    Cleaning is already a hassle. So, use something you know will work every single time.

    1. A Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner — a portable carpet and upholstery cleaning machine that's *super* convenient and very easy to use! It works for dirt, pet stains, baby stains, and because it's cordless, you can use it to clean your car, too.

    a reviewer shows the machine on a carpet
    another reviewer using the brush on a couch

    Promising reviews: "This has saved me so many times. I use it mostly for my carpet and the couch. With having a cat and dog with an almost white couch, this has been SUPER helpful. It has yet to fail me." —Amazon Customer

    "This little guy has been working pretty well for me so far. Raising my puppy from eight weeks, I've had my share of things to try and get out of the carpet, from pee stains to puke to things he would knock over, to the mud he would track in. This would get most of it out if I used it right away. ... That being said, I am happy with the way it takes out most stains and has not failed me yet." —Cece

    Get it from Amazon for $109.59.

    BTW, this tool comes with small bottles of ready-to-use cleaning formula, but if you need more, grab a bigger bottle for $9.98!

    2. A bottle of Folex spot remover that'll make even the toughest of stains disappear from furniture, carpets, and other fabric surfaces. (And yes, that includes red wine stains, don't worry.)

    a before of a reviewer's stained couch
    after and the couch is clean

    Be sure to check out our full write-up on this Folex stain remover!

    Promising reviews: "This stuff is amazing. I was first introduced to Folex when I was staying at my sister’s house. She’s an interior decorator and I made the huge mistake of spilling iced tea on her off-white carpet. Just imagine her reaction. After screaming at me, she ran to get her bottle of Folex from her cleaning supplies. She blotted the stain with Folex and in front of my eyes, the iced tea stain completely disappeared from the off-white carpeting. If I didn’t see it with it my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it. Needless to say, I keep it in my house and it’s never failed me, not even when my cat has an accident. Bravo, Folex. I’m a customer for life." —Donna R

    "I found this product one day at Home Depot and I have four German Shepard dogs and carpet.... I figured why not let's give it a try. I have been buying this stuff since... You can use this on your carpets, couches, beds, even in your car and it never fails!" —Brandi Salmon

    Get it from Amazon for $11.80.

    3. A jar of the bestselling Pink Stuff for those hard-to-get stains, dirt, and rust spots around the house. It works for everything from bathtubs and stove tops to tennis shoes and crayon-covered walls.

    Promising reviews: "Works every time. I have used this for years and it never fails to get those stubborn stains off pretty much anything." —a r james

    "A little goes a long way! This has been used to clean paint and markers and crayon markings off of our vinyl siding. I have also used it to clean stains off our tub and formica countertops. No strong odors and it takes very little to clean areas that other products have failed to clean." —Savanna B

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    4. pet hair remover to make sure your pet's shedding does minimal damage to your sinuses and your furniture. It's like a lint roller without the annoying sticky pads that you have to constantly replace. All you have to do is empty the roller when it's full, and it's as good as new. 

    reviewer shows the inside of a used roller full of hair
    Reviewer using ChomChom to remove pet hair from black fabric

    Promising review: "I have allergic reactions to dog hair and dander so imagine my surprise when we learned our new quarantine pup wasn’t hypoallergenic as we had thought. Cue a mad dash to buy every product under the sun to keep my allergies in check because from the moment she came home we were in love...Then enter the Chom Chom roller, the roller to end the need for any other roller. Gone are the days of stripping and sticking with a disposable lint roller. Gone are the days of dragging that red lint brush paddle over the furniture. And definitely gone are the days hauling out the vacuum just to zip away the excess dog fur on the couch. If you use it right— and I mean vigorously roll back and forth, up and down, to and from like your life depended on it— the Chom never fails...Truthfully, it picks up more than enough for me to be satisfied." —L. White

    Get it from Amazon for $28.95.

    5. A bottle of mold and mildew remover spray that kills the toxic mold anywhere from your bathroom tile to your outdoor patio (and all the sneaky places in between). The best part is that there's no hard work on your end. Just spray, wait 15 seconds, and watch the mold disappear!

    Reviewer photo of dirty shower with mold and mildew stains
    Reviewer photo of clean shower after using the mold and mildew spray

    Promising reviews: "After all else fails, this product works magic. I was a doubter, but this product works as described. Mold residue is gone. Must use in well ventilated area as odor is very strong. Allow area to dry and ventilate before using. I used it in the morning in my shower and ran the exhaust fan all day. Worked like a champ." —Hilarious10

    "I’m so happy I found something to finally help do my parents' bathroom that is absolutely disgusting. ... After many products used and many tries with homemade creations, I wanted to try this. THANK YOUUU! I am finally done with my search. ... Even though this is not great to smell for long periods of time, it helped do the trick that so many other products failed." —Dena

    Get a 32-oz bottle on Amazon for $16.99 (available in multiple quantities).

    6. A pack of bottle-cleaning tablets because soap and water is NOT enough to clean bottles and tumblers (sorry to be the bearer of bad news). These will make washing bottles much less of a hassle.

    Promising review: "These are incredible! I have a lot of different cups and drinking bottles. I get them all together once a week and pop one in each. 15 minutes later they are clean and smell good. I rinse them out and let them dry naturally. I recommend these to everyone. I’ve been using these a long time and they never fail me." —Csiemsen

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $8.

    7. A two-pack combo of True laundry detergent complete with one heavy duty detergent and one original, fragrance-free detergent. Reviewers absolutely love how effective this small biz detergent is with not only fighting stains and brightening fabrics, but also how gentle it is for sensitive skin, too.

    the two detergent bags that come in the combo

    True is a Black and veteran-owned small business based in Atlanta, Georgia. They provide cruelty-free laundry detergent that is four times concentrated and allows users to use less and save more.

    Promising review: "ON POINT! True products provide my laundry needs without fail. I was convinced after my very first purchase. Smells great and gets the job done." —Kwabena H.

    Get it the two-pack from True for $31.98 or one Heavy Duty Detergent from Amazon for $27.80.

    8. A pack of Stomp 'N Go stain-removing pads reviewers say really do live up to their name. These pads remove gross pet-related stains, and according to reviews, it works on coffee stains, blood, dirt, and even red wine, too.

    reviewer photo showing cleaning pads absorbing stains from carpet
    reviewer shows a before and after of the dirty rug

    Promising review: "Every pet owner should own these. They are so easy to use, and pull up every kitty stain without fail. It even picks up other dirt that we didn't know was there! No stain has failed to be picked up by these, even the ones that have sat for a few days before we noticed them, and some old stains that were there when we bought our house which didn't even come out with professional carpet cleaning. You need these!" —MKELady

    Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $27.48.

    9. A fabric defuzzer that'll remove all those unwanted fuzzies, lint, and pilling from furniture and clothing. To use this easy tool, simply glide it over the area you want to fix!

    fuzzies on a reviewer's couch
    the same couch now clear of the fuzzies and looking brand new

    This gadget is battery-operated and requires two AA batteries you can grab here!

    Promising reviews: "This may be the best thing I have ever ordered from Amazon! It works amazingly well and has never failed to de-pill!" —Gloria McEntyre

    "Love this defuzzer!!!! I use it on everything. Has settings that are easy to use. So far it has not failed on me. I would buy again." —Rose Angelica

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in five colors)

    10. An all-natural, all-purpose household cleaner made with organic castile soap, distilled water, and naturally disinfecting essential oils that are effective and smell amazing. This particular cleaner just happens to be an Etsy best seller, too. Reviewers are obsessed!

    a tall bottle of the all purpose cleaning spray
    Kimberly's Kupboard / Etsy

    Kimberly's Kupboard is a woman-owned small business based in Cabery, Illinois. They sell all-natural, handcrafted herbal household and beauty products.

    Promising reviews: "Never fails to leave the surfaces sparkling and it smells wonderful." —Kmmmm

    "The fresh lime citrus scent is absolutely incredible! This cleans so well and smells so fresh. I could still smell it for some time after I was done using it. This will definitely be a reorder for me!" —Bekasouth

    Get it from Kimberly's Kupboard on Etsy for $19.59 (available in three scents).

    11. A hard water boosting powder to really clean those dishes that just don't look the same anymore. This powder will give it an extra tough clean and leave behind a pleasant fresh lemon scent. 

    Just add this to your pre-wash chamber with detergent. If you don't have a pre-wash chamber, don't fret. Just add 2 tablespoons to the bottom of your dishwasher!

    Promising review: "Seriously, using this in conjunction with my Cascade platinum tabs, my dishes come out perfect. I have a problem with hard water in my house, and this just never fails me. I've got it on subscription delivery, too, in hopes that this never becomes discontinued." —Delvin

    Get it from Amazon for $5.81+.

    12. washing machine cleaning tablet that'll remove build-up and odor-causing grime from the constant use. 

    These are safe to use with front-load washing machines and top-load washing machines, and both high efficiency and conventional machines. Recommended to use once a month!

    Promising review: "I don’t know where this Affresh tablet takes all the dirt and hair, but even the door and the filter are shiny and clean. It's pretty impressive. I always wash my dog's bedding right before I do it, so I get it clean after it's at its dirtiest. It never fails. It's like magic I tell ya." —JDMomof12

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $10.18.