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    • amandad45

      In response to some of these ideas, in no particular order: 1) Vampires, the blood thing aside, are very low maintenance because they can take care of themselves, don’t get sick, etc. 2) Vampires don’t needaday job, they can do lot’s of things to get rich.Afew examples include i) underwater photography ii) mining iii) becomeaCEO or some other rarely-seen higher-up (probably through less-than-honest means, but still iv) loot the corpses of their victims v) collect interest over decades vi) professional assassination vii) work the night-shift asasurgeon, professor, etc. 3) Why the heck can’tavampire own real estate? And don’t say, ‘because they’re legally dead’ because this assumes way too much, like that forging documents or assuming another person’s identity is impossible 4) Some people prefer crypts and dungeons to the beach. At least it’s private and secluded 5) Many vampires, including the ones from Twilight, have no blemishes period 6) Why the heck is not being able to get drunkadeal-breaker? What are your relationships founded on?
      That’s why vampires aren’t terrible to date. Some reasons why they are great to date include: 1) They can protect you from just about anything 2) In many (but certainly not all) cases, they won’t accidentally get you pregnant or vice versa 3) You’ll never argue over which restaurant to go to; s/he isn’t eating anyway 4) If s/he can smell hormones in your blood or read your mind to any extent s/he will always know when you’re upset 5) S/he could ‘take care of’ your enemies for you 6) In many (though, somehow, not all) cases, the sex is AMAZING Icould probably go on, but doIreally need to?

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