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Failed Your Driving Test? Here Are 5 Things That Can Cheer You Up

Most people who take their driving test pass on their second or third attempt. This means that out of all the drivers on the road, the majority have been dealt the hammer blow that is failing their test. I know it might feel as if the world has ended, but don't worry - here are some reasons why you can cheer up about failing your test.

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You can book a cancellation pretty quickly

Alfred on Batman famously said "it's not about how we fall, but how quickly we get up." or something along those lines (or was it Rocky?). For those who don't understand what he meant. He meant that when you fail your driving test, you can book another one straight away. Although there is usually a long-ish waiting list, there are services out there like SpeedyTests that help people find the earliest tests in their areas.

Driving costs money

If you look at the costs of driving BEFORE you've even taken to the road, it's enough to make you feel a little bit better about not being able to drive. Then you look at the long term costs of actually driving. You've got tax, insurance, petrol, repairs, MOT, parking. Soon you'll be working 3 jobs just to support your car.

Less chance of a car accident

Of course the fact that you're not driving also means that you will be less likely to be involved in a car accident. Insurance company As law firm explain, there are millions of accidents a year, so being less likely to be in one is a positive.

You know your friends aren't using you

Everyone has one of those friends who only calls you if they want something. If you can't drive, you know that people are calling you because they genuinely want to speak to you.

You get more exercise

As much as having your own car is cool and it affords you freedoms that us non-drivers can only dream about, at least we can travel and lose weight at the same time! The only exercise you'll be getting in your car is on your arms by collecting from McDonalds Drive Thru three times a day.

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