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Alternative Types Of Break In The UK

Considering our country suffers from awful weather, most people try to go abroad at least once a year to be guaranteed a little bit of sunshine. However, there are some really fantastic options available inside the UK for you to be able to relax. This post details a few alternative types of break you can take in the UK.

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Museum Break

If you've got a few days spare and you'd like to see some history or culture, why don't you go on a museum break? The UK is host to thousands of amazing museums where you can sample a piece of the country's rich history. You could learn about aviation at the Royal Air Force Museum (pictured)

Rent a Big House

For those who have watched Downton Abbey religiously and wish they lived in one of those huge country manor estates, this is the perfect getaway. You can rent these mansions for the weekend or the week and benefit from living in the lap of luxury. There are hundreds of big houses at different prices, and staying in one of these at least once is definitely something I'd recommend to everyone.

Rent a Cottage

If a huge mansion isn't your thing, then you could always find yourself an idyllic cottage to stay for a few days instead. Although not as big as country manors, you can find some unbelievably cosy properties on websites like AirBnb. These are more suitable for smaller groups of people.

Go Hiking

Although we suffer from some pretty rotten luck when it comes to weather, we have been blessed with some amazing countryside. Although not suitable for everyone, taking a trip to the Highlands, the Peak District, Lake District or a number of different ranges can be an unbelievable experience. Just look at that view!

Rent a Barge

How fun would it be to rent out a boat and sail down one of the British canals, only stopping for food and drink? The answer is, very! If you are lucky enough to live close to a canal, renting a barge with a group of friends is extremely highly recommended. Just make sure you don't fall overboard or even capsize the thing!

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