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5 Things You Will Do On Grand National Day

Tomorrow is the 2017 Grand National. The only day of the year when it's OK to be a degenerate gambler. Although most of us only have a little flutter, and the majority of us never win, the day of the race has all of in a frenzy. Here are 5 things you will definitely do on Grand National Day.

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Be on the lookout for tips

Not many of us know much about horse racing. That's why we will be frantically asking everyone in our phone books for tips on the race. Trouble is, with the amount of people we ask, every horse has probably been tipped, meaning we've just wasted a lot of our time (and other people's). Some of us will go that step further and look for the most random ways in which to bet on the National.

Bet on a horse you like the sound of

If tipping won't work, then bet on a horse you like. If a horse has your name or the name of your first dog, put your house on it! Although it sounds a little bit silly, I've known many people to actually win by using this tactic, so bet on.

Feel sorry for the poor horses

At many points in the race, especially the beginning, the horses will fall. This will cause you to shout "awww" loudly, before checking to see if the horse is one you've bet on. If it isn't, then it's back to the race.

Sign up to a betting site

With all these free bets been touted around, it's natural that people will sign up to betting sites in order to claim them. Naturally, you will probably never use this account again.

Take part in a gazillion sweepstakes

Your work has one, your family and friends have one, your local pub has one. Next thing you know, you've entered about 50 sweepstakes and you're relying on the outcome of the race to know if you can pay your rent or not. Also, isn't it unusual that you never, ever win?

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