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5 Tips On How To Be Photogenic In Swimwear

With a few months left until Summer and holiday season, it's about the time where everyone starts trying to get in shape for that great bikini body. No matter how good you look in your swimwear, you could still find yourself photographed from an unflattering angle. Follow these tips to ensure that all your swimwear photos have you looking a million dollars.

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Avoid being photographed from below

Being photographed from below can be extremely unflattering, just ask Thalassa Boom Resortwear. "Instead of having your photo taken from below, get the person snapping away to take a photo from above, with you looking up towards the lens. This creates a magical optical illusion, making your body, face and neck thinner!"

Avoid full frontal shots

If you look at celebrities when they pose on the red carpet, you'll notice that they never pose for full frontal photographs. A slight turn of the body can create a flattering swimwear photo that you'll be proud to show off.

Put your arms on your hips

Although Phillymag doesn't agree, putting your arms on your hips is a popular photo pose because it makes your arms look thinner and toned. Sometimes it's difficult to lose weight on your arms so it's essential to pose in a way that achieves a slim look.

Stick your chin out

This Lifehacker article explains that tilting your jaw forward can make your face look thinner and get rid of the dreaded double chin. The last thing you want from your holiday photos are multiple chins!

Relax and be happy!

At the end of the day, regardless of whether you're in perfect shape or not, the camera doesn't lie. If you're having a whale of a time, it will show in your photograph. Everyone looks better when they're having a great time!

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