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4 Of The Most Irritating Spelling Mistakes

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re constantly sighing at the abundance of simple spelling mistakes all over social media.

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With the amount of proof reading apps that are available, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that people actually check to see if they’re spelling and grammar is fine.

It’s up for debate whether bad spelling is more annoying than someone like myself who can’t resist pointing out whenever someone makes a mistake. As someone who is constantly online, I can’t help but get frustrated when I see obvious spelling mistakes. Here are the 5 that I see most often, and they irritate the hell out of me!

To, Too and Two

By far the most irritating, these two and three letter words are taught to children around the age of 5, and are literally one of the first things kids are taught. Seeing people mix these up under any circumstance is enough to send me into a bad mood.

Your and You’re

Another couple of words that we’re taught from a very young age. I’m sorry, but you can’t hide behind the excuse of a typo when you spell words wrong that we’ve been taught since the first week of school. It’s like falling over and saying you forgot how to walk that day.

Apostrophes on plurals

Adding an apostrophe to a plural, to me, is akin to kidnapping my favourite pet. How hard is it to grasp – if there’s more than one of them, there’s no apostrophe – if it belongs to something, there is. Sometimes I wonder if people paid any attention at all in English class.

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