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3 Interesting Facts About Jockstraps

If you thought jockstraps were just there to protect you while playing sports, you're kind of right. But in recent years, the jockstrap industry is big business. Here are a few interesting facts about jockstraps.

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They've been around since 1874, and were originally designed for bicycle-riding messengers

The jockstrap was invented by C.F Bennett to provide comfort for bicycle jockeys working the cobblestone streets of Boston. Originally named the Jockey Strap, the term jockstrap has reportedly been in use since 1888.

C.F Bennett's company, Bike Web Company, produced jockstraps until 2016

The man who invented the jockstrap, C.F Bennett, set up a company called Bike Web Company, later changed to Bike. Bike were a leading producer of jockstraps until last year, when Russell Athletic purchased the company and its trademarks.

Although the jockstrap's use in sports has declined, it's becoming more popular in fashion

Originally designed for bikes, jockstraps have been used in many sports around the world. Although sports use has declined, jockstraps have become extremely popular as an alternative to traditional underwear. This article by Bloomberg states how jockstraps are disrupting the entire male underwear industry.

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