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    25 Stages Of Surviving Newsroom Cuts

    Because being a journalist is awesome but your employer is pretty much always broke.

    1. So you graduate from journalism school and after applying incessantly, finally get a job as a journalist.

    Go you!

    2. You pack up, move across the country and start your new life as a cub reporter.

    What do you mean, journalism is a dying industry?

    3. It’s pretty awesome. Your colleagues are super fun so you soon bond over drinks after work.

    4. Just as you get into the groove of things, someone utters the most foul word of them all - cuts.

    5. Rumours begin circulating about which programs will get the axe.

    All's fair in love and budget balancing.

    6. You try not to get wrapped up in it all … but that works for about 30 seconds.

    7. Soon you’re scoping out local bars and wondering which will be most likely to hire you when you get “laid off.” You’ve got some marketable skills.

    8. You start wondering if there’s anything you can do around the newsroom to up your chances of survival.

    9. Then, after weeks of wondering, the day arrives. The top brass make the announcement and it’s not good.

    10. Half your friends are now out of work and heading back to the newsroom is like walking into a morgue.

    Goodbye, breaking news buddies.

    11. Big changes are coming.

    12. And that means it’s time to drown your sorrows with alcohol.

    13. Why the heck not?

    14. You also know this could be the last time you’ll drink with the folks who got laid off.

    15. Around 2 am, you stumble home …

    16. You crawl into bed and think about what fun times you've had with everyone.

    17. Waking up the next morning makes you want to die.

    18. Luckily, everyone else at work is in the same boat.

    19. Of course, this is the day big news happens and you’re sent out to cover a protest.

    20. And of course there's someone there telling you about their alien conspiracy theories.

    21. But then you find one amazing person with a brilliant story.

    22. And your script just seems to flow out of you.

    23. Twenty minutes later, you hear yourself on air …

    24. And realize that you actually have the best job in the world, despite the alarming lack of job security.

    Talking to cool people? We do that for a living!

    25. Besides, newsroom humour would probably get you fired anywhere else so you’re sort of stuck with journalism from here on out. Better make peace with it.

    Overheard in the newsroom, much?

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