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    20 Things From Target That'll Help Make Your Home Office Somewhere You Actually Want To Spend Time

    Things that will have your workspace looking so good you'll nearly be tapping your shoes together saying "there's no place like the office" over and over again.

    1. A tufted swivel chair that adds good looks and comfy seating in equal measure. A solid chair to the WFH day is like gasoline to a car — essential. So get yourself something that keeps you going (i.e. this chair).

    The desk chair in black

    2. A two-drawer filing cabinet in a pearly white color that's not a total eyesore or extremely outdated looking. It's classic yet modern but without being too flashy (I mean, it is for filing paperwork, after all).

    The filing cabinet on display

    3. A mousepad and wrist pad set so that you can maximize comfort for your time logged on. They come in two muted but precious colors that just might add a subtle sweetness to staring at Excel spreadsheets for hours.

    The mousepad in white

    4. A desktop organizer in a pale wood color that will complement any existing office decor. It's the perfect place to store pens, paperclips, highlighters, and Post-It notes so you're not rummaging through desk drawers longer than necessary.

    The desk organizer in blush holding office supplies

    5. A set of quality black-ink felt-tip pens that come in three unique colors and will look so lovely resting in your new desk organizer. These are a fun way to brighten up the notes you're constantly scribbling and might even get you a little more excited to take them.

    the package of the light yellow, sage green and blush pens

    6. A WiFi-connected robot vacuum that will be a major upgrade to your office because of its cleaning prowess and ability to forever check off "vacuuming" from your to-do list. Plus, if it happens to go on an adventure through the rest of the house, that's its business. Now the household has two hard workers. 😉

    The black robot vacuum

    7. A set of multicolored to-do list Post-Its notes that feature varying degrees of urgency. When you're constantly writing what seems like hundreds of Post-It reminders, it can be hard to remember which ones need prioritizing; these color-coded little guys do just the trick to help you with that.

    The post-it notes

    8. A tall and bright brass-footed planter to add a metallic gleam and a bit of TLC to an otherwise dreary home office. If it's where you're going to be spending most of your day, then you might as well bring some life (literally) into the mix with this stunning chromatic plant haven.

    The brass planter standing in the corner of the room

    9. A colorful accent chair because nothing says you've made it quite as much as saying "have a seat in my office." Might as well make it a gorgeous barrel number to really seal the deal.

    The olive green chair

    10. A framed abstract art piece to make the office feel less stressful and more zen. Artwork is an easy and effortless way to make any room feel homey and thoughtful, and the office — even if it's just a corner of your living room — also deserves that manicuring.

    The abstract art piece on a wall

    11. A floor heating mat to put under your desk chair and add a literal pep in your step every morning. If you're like me, sitting for a long time always causes some body part to fall asleep — this mat will help keep at least two of them awake (or at the very least, warm and cozy).

    The heated mat under the user's feet at a desk

    12. An acrylic block picture frame to house all those Instax photos you've been lagging on displaying. This clean style will look expensive without being expensive and you can choose whatever photos might perk you up midday (if they're both your cat, we love that for you).

    The blocked picture frame on a table

    13. A ceramic color-changing diffuser that gives you the full ability to set the mood of the room with your essential oils of choice. Do you need some lavender to relax? Orange for energy? With this cutie, your office space will always be the precise aroma you need for a successful workday.

    The diffuser diffusing on a table

    14. A Persian-style area rug so you can imbue your workspace with a sprinkling of colorful energy without overpowering the room. Its muted tones and diverse size and shape options will transform your space into something more, well, ~official.~

    The rug on the ground

    15. A decorative globe so that your office truly feels like an office, y'know? This one is an absolute steal compared to those sold at designer boutiques and will give you that middle-of-the-day joyful spin we all do at the sight of any globe ever.

    The globe on a cart in a pink room

    16. A mini fridge to complete your WFH space with refreshments and snacks. Middle of the day and need a quick iced coffee boost? Or need to up your water intake? No need to pause Zoom, just reach in the mini-fridge.

    The minifridge underneath a desk

    17. A magnetic dry-erase planner to map out your week and display it in a place that you can't miss, like above your desk. It features the days of the week, separate boxes for any important notes (or doodles), and is the perfect place to display your magnet collection, to boot!

    The planner above a desk

    18. A computer desk with a four-tier shelf if your office space is heavy on the office but light on the space. Use the extra storage to hold textbooks, printing supplies, and most importantly, your collection of plants and knickknacks because your desk doesn't have to be all work and no play, after all.

    The desk in an office with a computer on it

    19. A decorative vase to elevate the space just a smidge with one simple object. All those studious materials are great and all but sometimes you just need some eye candy for the room. Stuff some dried plants and flowers into it, or if that sounds like too much work, just display it as is — your office will still look better with it than without it.

    The vase on display

    20. A set of file folders that are thicc, pretty, and efficient for holding your most important paperwork. The set comes with three different colors so coordinating is just that much easier (and more stylish).

    The folders in three colors

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