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11 Reasons Why Grant Gustin Is A Blessing To This Earth

Stealin' hearts in a flash.

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Some have grown to love Grant Gustin since his portrayal of Sebastian Smythe in Glee.

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Others may have discovered their love for this talented human being thanks to his portrayal of Barry Allen/The Flash in The Flash.

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Either way, this man is a true blessing to this Earth.

1. His fans are his absolute world.

Do I need to add more?

2. His obsession with Superman is beyond adorable.


I aspire to have 'The Flash...I love him' tattooed on my forearm one day.

3. That time he covered 'Moves Like Jagger'.

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Someone get me my own Grant Gustin already.

4. He continuously puts on a good show for the paparazzi.

Workin' them moves in a FLASH!

5. That smile though...


He is just too perfect.


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Yep. I have no words for his talent.

7. Being The Flash is a full-time job.

He? Is? Just? So? Thoughtful?

8. Did I mention that he just loves being The Flash?

Grant taking selfies in his Flash suit is the reason I live and breathe.

9. He acted and performed on Glee with a total of 11 episodes!

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He is SUPER talented...and those moves. Could knock me out in a flash.

10. He is beyond thoughtful.

Yeah, nah. I'm done.

11. Also The Flash's biggest fan.

Could he get any cuter?

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