15 Reasons Why Being A Good Girl Is So Overrated

Because being bad is so much more fun.

1. 1. You always have way too many regrets.

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Nothing’s worse than a guilty conscience.

2. 2. And you feel terrible about making any sort of mistake.

3. 3.It takes you forever to make a decision because you overthink everything.

4. 4. You end up apologizing when someone else does something wrong.

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5. 5. You feel the urge to do the right thing, even when it seems dumb.

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Stupid conscience!

6. 6. You can’t say what you really think because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.

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7. 7. You’re just a terrible liar, period.

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8. 8. You’re always broke because you can’t turn down someone in need of money.

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So just avoid NYC subways at all costs.

9. 9. And you’re constantly running late because you can’t turn away someone who needs directions.

10. 10. People automatically assume that you’re not down to do anything wild.

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11. 11. And when you do something “bad,” people lose their minds.

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12. 12. People take advantage of you and you’re too nice to do anything about it.

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13. 13. You resort to cursing people out in your head because you can’t do it out loud.

14. 14. The guy you’re dating bails on you when you want to take things slow…

USA / Via giphy.com

15. 15. And hooks up with a girl who isn’t pretty and has no standards at all.

16. But at least you stay true to yourself.

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Actually, this just sucks.

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