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I Am Moana Of Montunui

The beauty of the message behind Disney's newest animated film Moana.

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I Am Moana of Montunui


Published January 6,2017 11:39pm ET

This week I received the privilege to check out Disney’s newest animated film Moana which was released on November 23, 2016. I was led to go and watch it because word on the street was “It was amazing”. This movie was directed by the same men who birthed The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Princess and The Frog and many other phenomenal Disney films. Disney is notorious for creating deeper messages behind their animated films that blow you away once you realize the meaning. Aside from the beautiful animations and music the movie Moana displayed, there was a heartwarming lesson the movie taught. In the movie as the role of the only child, the main character Moana was challenged to follow in her father’s footsteps and become the chief of their island. The island was quickly losing life, because of a man who stole the “heart” of the island millenniums ago. Moana saw her island gradually losing life and wanted to go beyond their territory to find food and feed her people but Moana’s father held her back from going beyond their island’s territory for the sake of Moana’s safety. Moana’s grandmother knew why the island was dying and knew that Moana was the chosen one to restore the island’s life by finding the “heart” of the island. Moana’s grandmother’s dying request was for Moana to go find the man who stole the island’s heart and restore the heart of the island. Moana had to take a leap of faith and learn the ways of the ocean alone. She was able to find the immortal man who stole the heart of the island and did not get off to a good start with him but was later able to warm him up and unveil his tender side. Moana faced a lot of challenges while at sea that helped her learn a lot and reveal her brave soul. By the help of the “heart stealer” throughout her journey she was also able master her boat sailing skills, an action that was banned on her island because of her father’s demands. Her biggest challenge on her journey was defeating the lava demon Te Ka, who eliminated all the life on the island. As Moana approached Te Ka the lava demon the first time, she was shunned and struck with fire. Moana attempted a second time to approach the lava demon and was able to recognize Te Ka was actually Te Fiti(the life of the island), the only issue was that she was lacking a heart. Moana was able to sing a song to Te Ka with an important message saying “ don’t let anyone take your heart from you, you know who you truly are” and she was able to calm her down and restore the heart and bring back the life of the island. As Te Fiti came back to life, the heart stealer guiltily apologized for taking her heart and causing detriment to her people. The beautiful part of the movie was realizing one of the most important messages: Never let anyone steal your heart and change you for the worse. Te Fiti lost her heart for many years and lost all the life in her. Parts of her began to slowly die because someone stole her heart selfishly. She stopped harvesting and she lost all life around her. There were also voices that held her back from chasing heart as well as voices that told her to go beyond her comfort zone and find herself; listen to that voice. Although it was a long and tough journey a lot was learned on the way that strengthened her; so don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and listen to “the voice” that pushes you forward. Lastly, never let anything take control of your heart to the point that you lose yourself and become unrecognizable to your loved ones. If you have not checked out Moana yet, it is well worth the watch.

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