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    21 Signs You Spent The 80s Worshipping Duran Duran

    If you spent a good amount of your teenage years worshiping the Fab Five, then you've come to the right list. It's time to dig deep into your subconscious closets and fess up to all the crazy things you did for the wild boys.

    1. You and your friends proudly embraced the "Duranie" label.

    2. At least one of your bedroom walls was covered floor to ceiling in D2 posters.


    You, of course, referred to them as D2 or Duran2.

    3. Your shirt said 'I ♥ John Taylor' on the back.


    ... or 'I ♥ Simon LeBon'. Possibly even 'I ♥ John, Simon, Nick, Andy and Roger'.

    4. You thought you looked damned sexy in one of these.

    5. Anything you were wearing was covered in these.

    Your shirt, your hat, your prom dress...

    6. You bought every teen magazine you could find that had poster pullouts.

    And if you were really lucky, you had a friend who was a Menudo or Def Leppard fan who would trade extra posters with you from their magazines.

    7. You screamed. A lot. Maybe even fainted once or twice.


    At concerts. Watching MTV. Listening to the radio. Seeing a guy walking down the street from the back who you were convinced was John Taylor. So, pretty much you screamed when anything happened that was remotely D2 related.

    8. You disowned John for a short period after you saw these.

    9. You had Duran Duran birthday parties.

    Andy, Feb 16

    Roger, April 26

    Nick, June 8

    John, June 20

    Simon, October 27

    10. You had parties if there was a new moon on a monday.

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    11. You had every record variation, 12" and import you could find.

    Even the 'side projects'.

    12. You knew every lyric to every song, proving true fan-dom if you mastered 'New Religion'.

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    13. You knew all the 'b-sides'.

    The Chauffeur, Faster Than Light, Secret Oktober, Khanada, Make Me Smile =)

    14. You'd only sing the Simon part of 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.

    15. You posed for photos to recreate images of the band.

    16. Patrick Nagel became your favorite artist.

    17. You think current day Duranies are just groupies.


    Oh, the irony.

    18. You don't acknowledge any album from here on.

    19. They still make you weak in the knees.

    They just get hotter with age.

    20. It's been 30 years, and nothing's changed.

    21. And you still feel a little like this whenever you hear them.