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    • amalialynnh

      The ending of My Fair Lady always infuriated me. In fact- the whole premise is pretty awful. “Lets go find an impoverished desperate woman who we can bend and mold to our will, for our own gain no less, and then act surprised when she has Stockholm Syndrome in the end and chooses to stay with her abusers.”  There is no reason why she should love the man who has constantly insulted and yelled at her, only rewarding her with the affection she craves when she manages to fit his ideal image of what beauty and femininity is. But they chose her for their project specifically because of her vulnerability as a low class woman. At the end of the movie she can choose to return to a similar life to what she had before, struggling to survive (possibly with a man who is enchanted by her but is entirely shallow), or she can return to what she knows she can do and submit to being Higgin’s plaything. Of course she chooses the life where she knows she can fullfil expectations and have safety in exchange for her individuality. Seriously. Twisted.

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