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    Sunne's Gift's 20 Reasons Afro-Textured Hair Is Magical

    In my new inspirational children’s book, Sunne’s Gift: How Sunne Overcame Bullying To Reclaim God’s Gift, Sunne is a magical being or magbee with beautiful spirally afro-textured hair that grows toward the sun. Sunne has the power to make the sun rise and set and so Sunne’s hair is magical. But guess what? All afro-textured hair is magical regardless of whether the hair’s owner has the power to make the sun rise and set. Here are 20 reasons why.

    1. Afro-textured hair defies gravity by growing up and not down

    2. As Nehkena Evans has told us, afro-textured hair has the same spiral as electricity, tornadoes, whirlwinds, DNA, and galaxies.

    3. Short afro-textured hair styles, also known as teenie weenie afros, tend to show off gorgeous facial features. Just ask Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyongo, Philomena Kwao or the young lady below.

    4. Like many things in nature, afro-hair grows toward the sun and provides shade from it too! What more can you ask for, afros are a natural visor!

    5. Forget to check the weather this morning, did you step out of the office just to see a light drizzle that may soon turn into full fledged storm? No problem!! Afro-textured hair is water resistant! Just ask Michael J?

    6. Locked afro-hair is associated with divinity in many cultures.

    7. Afro-hair grows to unimaginable heights. Just ask Guiness World Record Holder Aevin Dugas.

    8. Afro-hair can grow to unimaginable lengths. Just ask another Guinness World Record Holder, Asha Mandela.

    9. Afro-textured hair grew out of the heads of greats like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Yaa Asantewaa, Martin Luther King, Kwame Nkrumah and Harriet Tubman. If they were able to change the course of history while rocking afro-textured hair, so can we.

    10. If you thought afros were just a “black thing,” you my friend, are sadly mistaken! People of all races and cultures can be AFROproud!

    11. Afro-textured hair holds braids like no other type of hair.

    12. Afro-textured hair holds twists like no other type of hair.

    13. Afro-textured hair hold cornrows like no other type of hair.

    14. Afro-textured hair holds locks like no other type of hair.

    15. Afro-textured hair holds shape like no other type of hair.

    16. Afro-hair provides great cushion especially for the times when you just can’t bare another excel spreadsheet and need to take a power nap in the middle of the day, not that I am encouraging this type of behavior #imjustsayin!

    17. Afro-textured hair is your natural your crown Queen.

    18. Afro-textured hair is beyond glamorous!

    19. Afro-hair comes in all shapes, sizes, lengths and colors. It’s beautiful and beauty is magical.

    20. Like all types of hair, afro-textured hair is magical because God gave it to you!

    In Sunne's Gift: How Sunne Overcame Bullying to Reclaim God's Gift, Sunne had to endure hair bullying and losing God's gift of spirally hair before coming to realize the inherent worth of afro-textured hair. The book's message is that all hair and all beings are worthy simply because they are God's creations. Sadly, this message has not reached homes, schools, workplaces or the U.S. government. Just ask Tiana Parker who was threatened with expulsion for having locked afro-textured hair, Vanessa VanDyke who was threatened with expulsion for wearing an afro or Rhonda A. Lee who was fired from her job as a meteorologist for defending her short afro in a facebook comment and the women of the U.S. military who are banned from wearing twists, dreadlocks and multiple braids/cornrows that are bigger than a quarter. Please protest this policy by signing this petition.

    All of God's children,young and old, should learn Sunne's Gift's message of self-acceptance, self-love and bullying prevention.