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17 Times 'Mario Party' Has Ruined Your Friendships

It always seems like a good idea at first...

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In about an hour or so, you'll hate every single one of them because Mario Party is nothing but a series of moments meant to destroy your closest relationships.


4. That moment when one of you is losing so bad that you decide it's time as a society to give up on humanity.

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Signs include: red face, sweaty palms, throwing of controllers, and finally evil diabolical laughter.


8. Or that moment when one friend is beating everyone in the Look Away mini-game, and you have to remind yourself of all the things they’re bad at to sleep at night.


13. That moment when your friend jokingly touches your controller while playing a mini-game and you straight up Hulk out on them.

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Your death is going to be shortly served up on this couch cushion to the face.