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10 Revolutionary Apps For Every Kind Of Millennial

Know what's yours!

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You can never go a day without having millennials as the star of the show – always on the move, always on the lookout for the latest on just. about. everything. No wonder why most of the apps released are made in their favour.

To spare you the install-uninstall part of your never-ending search for that one app that suits your purpose, we picked 10 revolutionary apps from our #AppAMA Hosts made exactly for millennials just like you.

Key Collector Comics


If you’re an: Artsy-Fartsy Kid

Why not try: Key Collector Comics

You’re a comic junkie looking for precious gems in the pile, but admit it – you don’t always get the best. Key Collector Comics is every true blue comic head’s gold mine as this resource is booming with thousands of meticulously curated key issues to choose from – the first of its kind!

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If you’re a: Forgetful Lucy

Why not try: Skoller

If you have a terrible memory, loosen up and toss your sticky notes away as we found you the one-stop app for all the homeworks, exams, and classes you tend to forget in like *ehem* 0.5 seconds. No need to fill up your planners to the brim because with Skoller, everything you need to do is in just one, forgetful-friendly place.

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If you’re a: Shop-but-NOT-til- You-Drop Dude

Why not try: Swaggle

Love Tinder? Then we’ll bring you Tinder – but for stylish yet thrifty finds! Men don’t actually come first in the list of priorities of budget-friendly shops, so on that note, Swaggle comes to the rescue with its shopping consignment feature that would surely give you the best deals for high-end pieces. Men – 1, Women – 0.

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If you’re a: Travel Junkie

Why not try: coChange

Traveling is great, but not until you waste time looking for a currency exchange office that doesn’t exist on your area. For faster, smoother overseas transaction, make it a must to install coChange before you head out so you can skip the search as the system locates the currency exchange offices nearby for you.

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If you’re a: Financially-Savvy Youngster

Why not try: Hardbacon

“Start right, start young” might be your mantra because you’re already looking into growing your money way ahead of your time. Want to learn how to double your bucks straight from the experts? Go download Hardbacon ASAP as this app is, for sure, your little helper in investing like a pro – regardless of how old (or young) you are!

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If you’re a: Furparent Looking for a Furpartner

Why not try: Dig

What if we tell you that the way to your soul mate’s heart is not through their stomachs, but through your furbaby? We’re not screaming – you are! Dig is not-your-typical dating app as it finds not just another match, but someone who shares your love for dogs. Who’s the good boy now, hooman?

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Style Squad


If you’re a: Fashionista-on-the-Go

Why not try: Style Squad

Are you that one friend who puts on your best #OOTD, then asks the squad for a yay or nay? If you always go full doubting-Thomas-mode over your outfits, then you’ll surely love Style Squad as this functional app moves you to embrace your unique beauty through your style.

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If you’re a: Mental Health Advocate

Why not try: KYŌ

We love millennials who stand for lesser-discussed issues and the KYŌ app loves them back, too! With KYŌ, mental health problems can be finally kept at bay through the app’s focus on the value of daily reflection which helps the mind become stronger, better, and ready for the world.

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If you’re a: Calorie-Checking Eater

Why not try: Looma

You + fat, sugar, and calories? Sounds like a riot. There’s nothing else that could make you read better than the Nutrition Facts label on the food you’re eating , but with Looma, you can erase this part altogether as this meal planning app lets you make personalized meals with personal grocery lists, recipe directions, and automatic nutrition tracking all in one swipe! Talk about efficient.

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Parking Mate


If you’re an: Always the Driver, Never the Passenger

Why not try: Parking Mate

Tired of looking for parking spaces, or creating an imaginary barricade on a single, precious spot when you finally see one – but another one does, as well? Let Parking Mate do the hunt for you as this app looks for the cheapest and closest parking space near you, and even rentable parking slots when it’s a full house! Best carpark space for the best price, indeed.

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There's definitely an app (or two!) in the list that suits you just right — tell us all about it below before you hit Google Play or App Store!

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