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Which Weenie Are You?

are you a member of the weenie hut jrs?

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  1. what's your go to drink downtown?

    cran vodka
    dirty shirley
    rum and coke
  2. what do you/your shackers do the next morning?

    try to steal paintings off your walls
    cuddle and ditch
    lose their room key in your dorm
    you cook for them
    take quizzes
    you're dating your shacker so it doesn't really matter
  3. what's your fav place to eat on campus?

    chicken salad chick
    chick fil a
    plains to plate
    au bon pain
    wherever allie goes
  4. what do you do when you're blackout?

    tell everyone you want dick
    convince your TA's to buy you shots
    call your ex
    tell everyone in the bar that they are SO pretty
    get the ambulance called on you
  5. what's your type?

    typical douchebag fuckboy
    a boy with a truck big enough to compensate for his small dick
    hipster alternative boiz
  6. describe yourself in a frat

    TKE (you only have 7 friends)
    AGR (kuntry)
    Sig Ep (stonerzz)
    SNU (wannabe snupie)
    Chi Phi (matthew)
    SAE (almost got kicked off campus)
  7. what's your drunk dance move?

    string cheese
    the bob back and forth
  8. on a scale of 0-10, how much do you nap?

  9. who is your jam artist?

    justin bieber
    smash mouth
    childish gambino
  10. what are you most likely to steal from a fraternity?

    nothing. he just steals everything from your dorm.
    the frat boy himself

Which Weenie Are You?

You got: aLcOhOliC aLlIe

can you down 18 ounces of tequila in a single sitting? did you show up to your econ final with a margarita in hand? did you fall over in a bush outside the apartments on a thursday and miss your presentation the next day? if you answered yes to any of the above then you got the right answer! you're the first one a bust a move on the dance floor and theres no doubt you'll {hopper} on over to #oomfs house.

aLcOhOliC aLlIe
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You got: milly kuBITCHiiiiii

do you like fruity pebbles? or rock climbing? either way ur probably found in sasnett hall on any given night. boys love u for a one night stand but gettin that next day text just seems to be an issue for you. either way I'm sure they'll "catch ya l8r!!" hold on tight tho because some sweet tinder boy is bound to sweep you off your feet soon!!!

milly kuBITCHiiiiii
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You got: kinky*kels

u da tame lil nugget thats not afraid to get freaky in the shower ;) everyone is jealous that you can actually hold a stable relationship!!! you're the cutie that cries when your exes dog passes away, and asks her ex to pick up her drunk friends from pregame. despite being the sweeeeet one- you're not afraid to have wild nights and save $money$ by chugging an entire bottle of wine before going to the bars!!!

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You got: $$dizzy lizzy$$

are you capable of single handedly putting your sorority on probation?? and doing so while maintaining a 4.0 GPA! like wtf how?!?! you're the designated driver to all ice cream outings, and do your shakers stay in your room to take quizzes the next morning? either way- you're such a fun time and willing to get DoWn and DiRtY!!

$$dizzy lizzy$$
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You got: !!!dashley!!!

whats a thursday night without a spotting of this chickadee at 1716 wine night? you aint scared of shit especially going out on a weekday and in t-shirts. due to certain allergies you can't swallow certain things but hey u got skillz to make up for what you're lacking!! boys are your favorite subject in school and you're making an A+ in that class

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You got: Brezyonceee

all the boys line up down the block to have a chance with you, and you aren't afraid to fuck em and leave em! cash u getting over your feelings with random hookups. but hey- the vag wants what the vag wants!!!! 9am tinder sprees are your specialities, and your always there to encourage everyone to hook up and drink up!!

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