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Tell Us Your Food-Related Traditions, Stories, And Memories, Please

We've all made memories at the table. Tell us yours!

Ah, the dinner table — a place we've likely all spent a great deal of time around with friends and family.

As such, you've probably got lots of stories to share about your experiences at said table — and the food and culture surrounding it.

Perhaps you've got a particularly sweet anecdote from a Friendsgiving you often find yourself returning to.

Maybe there's a recipe that always reminds you of a certain family member.

Or could there be a food-adjacent tradition passed down between generations?

Whether your memory is hilarious, heartwarming, poignant as all true heck, or anywhere within that weird conglomerate of emotions, we want to know!

Comment below with a memory, tradition, recipe, and/or any other story from around the table that you never want to lose.