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    • alz3

      I read this from start to end, as I almost always do with these Buzzfeed longreads. Quick pointers for the writers/editors of these:
      - Use subheads. These long stories tend to take 5-6 sub topics and mash them together. They need not all be there, and they don’t all have to properly flow into each other.
      -The length is an issue. There are simply too many words, not sure if the site implements a word count, but it is absolutely necessary so the writer has the self-discipline to keep it tight, direct. Now that that’s out of the way, I can say I really did not appreciate how Buzzfeed is trying, or perhaps succumbing, to the story that this is about race. Black persecution among gays or HIV-positive people could be a story, but it is an entirely separate one, and should not be anchored to this. Look at how you’ve been manipulated into this corner, Buzzfeed, look at how you’ve framed this man as a victim, in an attempt to appear more human and emphatic on the issue.

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