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    • alyssarxc

      At 12 my PSLE (Singapore’s final exam aka rite of ‘educational’ passage before high school) scores were so low that I was placed in technical stream (the lowest out of the 3 grading systems). I didn’t study throughout high school, barely passing every time, I lost total interest in school.  Here’s the thing; I hated academic studies, but I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. All I wanted was to go to art school. But due to the lack of my qualifications, I had to go technical school first.  I was embarrassed, because there was a huge stigma that technical school were meant for delinquents to go to after high school instead of college because “they were too dumb to go anywhere else”. The stereotype was so wrong. When I finished high school, I moved on to a technical school to learn interactive media for 2 years. Going there finally ignited a huge passion for design, mainly digital media. Majority of my design software knowledge was cultivated while I was there, which helped me so much in art school later on. After graduating from technical school I got accepted to a prestigious art school, which I attained a Bachelors with honours.  Fast forward to now, I am an Art Director in a digital agency. Till this day I have no qualms of saying that I was from a technical school, because it was a crucial stepping stone onto being a designer.

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