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The Definitive Ranking Of Pan Dulce

Kid tested, my taste buds approved.

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15. Oreja


I might get some flack for putting an oreja at the end of the list but let's be real y'all. They're a mess to eat, are dry and make your fingers weirdly sticky. Maybe I've just eaten bad orejas, or maybe they're all alike. Eh, ni modo.

8. Conos

I am an absolute sucker for anything relleno. So obviously, these conos fare well with me. Don't want a custard filling? I've seen them with whipped cream, caramel and even sprinkles. Life is full of possibilities.

3. Concha


The poster child of pan dulce, in three colors. When I was younger I hated conchas because they were dry and super crumbly. Then when I was older, I dipped one of these in my coffee and finally realized what all the fuss is about. Take note readers.

1. Gansito


Okay, okay, okay. I know gansitos aren't an "official" pan dulce but you know what? Stick one of these suckers in the freezer, eat it, then tell me if there's anything else more exquisite on this Earth.

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