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    31 Best-Selling Kitchen Products From Target That Are Popular For A Reason

    For help cooking, baking, and standing in the kitchen eating a snack over the sink.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mini waffle maker that'll make you say goodbye to the sad frozen ones and hello to comforting weekday brunches.

    a single waffle maker

    2. A set of leak proof, easily stackable Rubbermaid food storage containers to assist clumsy cooks and help you stay organized.

    a stack of different sized clear containers

    3. A rust-proof sheet pan you can use for a lifetime of meal prep... or many, many cookies. Or both!

    freshly baked granola on a sheet pan

    4. A pan organizer to keep those sheet trays from getting all scuffed up.

    a white pan organizer

    5. A set of sleek (and chic) matte black metal measuring spoons that'll look far more expensive than they actually are.

    black matte measuring spoons

    6. And a matching set of measuring cups to complete your Joanna Gaines-inspired kitchen.

    matte black measuring cups

    7. A powerful Ninja blender that'll cost you less than $100 and be there for all your frozen margarita, smoothie, homemade nut butter, and blended soup needs.

    a dark grey and black blender

    8. An OXO salad spinner to encourage you to eat more salads because your lettuce is so fresh and so green, green.

    a clear salad spinner

    9. A set of three bamboo cutting boards for any size food-prep job: chopping produce, slicing cooked steak, or assembling a beautiful charcuterie and cheese platter.

    a set of three different sized wooden cutting boards

    10. A Cravings by Chrissy Teigen non-stick everyday pan with high enough sides for wok-style stir fries, saucy pasta, soups, or even big portions of morning scrambled eggs.

    a light green pan with a handles on each side and a lid with a matching handle

    11. A kitchen cabinet turntable to help you rotate new spices into your meals and remind you of the bottles and jars hiding in the back of your cupboards.

    a white round turntable

    12. A Cuisinart toaster oven-air fryer combo that'll help you cook or reheat food without heating up your house on steamy days.

    a stainless steel toaster oven with four dials alone the front/top

    13. A beautiful beverage dispenser – it looks like glass but is actually made of plastic so you won't accidentally shatter it in the middle of a party.

    a clear jug with a blue tint and floral design on it and a gold spout attached

    14. A 12-cup cold brew maker that'll steep while you sleep and will save you soooo much money on trips to the coffee shop.

    a white cold brew maker with a clear middle section

    15. A chips-and-dip set for streaming Netflix by yourself on the couch or hosting a small socially-distanced shindig outside.

    a wooden circular chip bowl with a white dip bowl in the middle

    16. A smaller and more affordable stand mixer alternative with extra attachments that comes in many fun bright colors.

    a yellow mixer

    17. Or go for a classic KitchenAid hand mixer you can count on to do most baking jobs for a much lower price tag. And it'll still be much less of an arm workout than whipping cream by hand.

    a berry colored hand held mixer

    18. A spring-loaded OXO cookie scoop to make exactly the same size cookies, meatballs, and even mini cheese balls if that's something you want to try.

    a hand held black and silver cookie scoop

    19. An Instant Pot you'll probably want if you don't own one already, because it's pulled pork season and it's on sale!

    a stainless steel instant pot

    20. A four-pack of super affordable glass tumblers for any libation you're looking to sip — alcoholic or not.

    a glass cup

    21. A fully stackable, space-saving Calphalon non-stick cookware set of every size pot and pan you'll need to cook practically anything.

    a stack of six pots

    22. A microwave cart for a simple and inexpensive solution to get more storage in your kitchen.

    a microwave cart with silver legs, on four wheels, and a wooden table top

    23. A pair of kitchen shears to assist you in the most basic to advanced tasks, like snipping herbs, breaking down a chicken, or cutting up a quesadilla.

    black and stainless steel scissors

    24. An affordable starter set of three knives for cooks on a budget that are sharp right out of the package.

    three different sized knives with black handles

    25. A set of sturdy glass prep bowls to make sure your mise is always en place.

    clear glass bowls stacked inside one another

    26. A 16-piece glazed stone dinnerware set that'll last you a lifetime of meals.

    green glazed dishes and a matching mug

    27. But if you're just going to buy one piece at a time, a shallow bowl (made for pasta but also good for stews, soups, grain bowls, and much more) is a good thing to add to your cupboard.

    a shallow white bowl

    28. A bar cart that'll allow you to make happy hour at an hour while appearing very classy and not at all like an afternoon lush.

    a gold cart on four wheels with a bottom shelf and a a top accented by a gold side handle

    29. A no-frills spatula for flipping and turning burgers, pancakes, and eggs.

    a black and stainless steel spatula

    30. An over-cabinet-door paper towel holder to save precious counter space. Bonus: It also works to hang reusable kitchen towels!

    a white over-the-counter paper towel holder

    31. And a farm animal flour sack kitchen towel with an astounding amount of amazing reviews.

    a white towel with a cow, a sheep, and a chicken standing on top of one another

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