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    I've Seen More Rom-Coms Than The Average Movie-Goer And Here's My Ranking Of Their Overused Tropes

    Sorry, but the catfishing trope has GOT to go.

    One of my favorite activities is snuggling up on a couch and putting a classic rom-com on to help me escape from the world. They are outright ridiculous and give people false expectations of finding love, but I love them regardless.

    After rewatching the classics and watching the more recent rom-coms, I noticed that they all seem to follow the same romantic tropes over and over again.

    I cannot say that I am a fan of most of these tropes, but the good ones keep me invested through and through. So, here are the 10 most common romantic comedy tropes that I keep seeing and which ones I think should stay:

    **HEADS UP** There might be some potential spoilers since I mention several romantic comedies with the tropes in the list.

    10. The catfish

    Two people on a date together — screencap from "Sierra Burgess is a Loser"

    9. Cheating is justified if the person is your one true love

    photo from 'the wedding planner'

    8. The makeover

    photo from 'she's all that'

    7. A rich person falls in love with a poor person

    photo from 'pretty woman'

    6. The notorious player meets "the one"

    photo 'hitch'

    5. Best friends-to-lovers

    photo from 'always be my baby'

    4. The most popular person in school falls in love with the least popular person

    photo from 'the duff'

    3. Enemies-to-lovers

    photo from 'me before you'

    2. The two love interests

    photo from 'tatbilb 2'

    1. The contract relationship

    photo from 'the proposal'

    Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, romantic comedies will continue to grace us with their presence on the big screen. And to those who can’t get enough of them like I do, we will continue to get our fix on predictable and lovable cheesy storytelling.

    I know I didn’t cover all of the romantic comedy tropes, so let me know if I missed any or if there are any new tropes you wish Hollywood would explore more of in the comments below!