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    Someone In A Chat Room Is Pretending To Be Characters From The Walking Dead And It's Hilarious

    "I'm a single dad and Tinder doesn't work in the apocalypse!"

    This is a live feed of a novel CURRENTLY being written

    It's a real-time serial novel by Joshua Cohen. It's pretty cool. You can read what he is writing as he types it. Over there on the right is a live chat room.

    It started out as a simple debate about fast food and then...

    Cue Rick Grimes

    And then this Anonymous hater chimes in

    Harsh words, Anonymous. And right to his fathers face?

    Araticus to the rescue!!

    And then other characters start getting involved

    Sit down, Morgan! Where have you been the past 5 seasons?!

    Araticus...why aren't you helping?!

    And then Carl butts in

    Shane? GTFO, you're dead!

    Terminus Guys just HAD to say something.

    At least he admits to it...

    Anonymous is getting VERY emotional over this

    Just when you thought he was gone!

    Poor Violet...

    And then it got weird...

    I love the Internet.

    See Joshua Cohen write his novel here before he finishes! And maybe, just maybe, if you believe hard enough, Rick Grimes will appear.

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