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Big Dancers, BIGGER Moves

These dancers are big, bold, and bootyful. Check out these gravity defying dance companies and troupes that prove size doesn't define the prize. #bodypositivity

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Pretty Big Movement

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The Scene / Via

America's Got Talent alright, and these ladies are making some pretty BIG moves. Founder and South Bronx native Akira Armstrong had a rough time finding gigs as a professional plus-sized dancer. Instead of quitting she came out pop, lockin', and droppin', gathered some lady power, and broke down stereotypes.

These ladies have taken social media by storm, and continue inspiring dancers all across the world!

Calling All Divas!

Sharon Goldberg / Via

Founder Roz "The Diva" Mayes has revolutionized the world of pole dancing. With her home base in NYC and more studios across the United States, women of all shapes and sizes are welcomed to her small class sized sessions to really get that one on one attention.

Roz also founded Dangerous Curves, the first national pole dancing competition plus size women dancers and athletes. This diva plays no games so if you're ready to work, guaranteed you'll be werkin'.

4 Thirty-Two

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4 Thirty-Two / Via

These ladies #slay. Founder Charity Holloway was inspired by her pastor to bring this company to life, and represent plus size women in the dance world. The mission of 4 Thirty-Two is to promote the Body Positive Movement and encourage women any size to express body love through art and dance. These ladies are the epitome of brains, beauty, and booty.

Big Moves

Lisa J. Ellis / Via

The baes of the Bay Area have been around since 2000 and have been setting the ground work for dancers of any size to join their company. Their resident dance troupe emPHATic Dance, founded by Marina Wolf Ahmed in 2001 went from a hip hop group to a traditional and lyrical jazz troupe, with show-stopping performances that have you moving in your seat.

Danza Voluminosa (Voluminous Dance)

Franklin Reyes / AP / Via

In founder Juan Miguel Mas young dance life, he was always casted as a "character" in a dance piece and was never really given a role to dance in and grow from. What started as a project in 1996 turned to a 20+ year strong dance troupe of plus sized Cuban natives.

These ballerinas have been inspiring dancers of all ages for over two decades now and have ruled the streets of Havana, giving them a social outlet to grow, make friends, and most importantly, dance.

There's A TV Show?! / Via

These troupes and companies are just a drop in the bucket. Production Company Rare Day produced a British Documentary called Big Ballet , featuring plus size amateur ballerinas fulfilling their dream to dance Swan Lake.

Body Positivity has been a growing movement, but the only way to get a movement this big going is to get moving! Keep dancing, all shapes and all sizes :)

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