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Best Travel Blogs For 2017

2017 is a year for new beginnings and finding your new favorite travel blog. Here's a list of some of the internets best travel websites and blogs to give you that healthy dose of wanderlust.

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Go the Travel Podcast

Diego Delso

Top of the list is 'Go,' a Travel Podcast and Blog. In each episode they dive deep into the backstory, and explore the history, science, and facts behind the subject matter. This high production podcast will get you itching to travel. describes it best, "These short, but sweet vignettes are great little mind-wanders that don’t just give you a destination and the ten best things to do there, but they delve deeper into a place and pull out great little facts and stories. It’s a nice change and feels more like you’re traveling with a friend, rather than a guide." Find their latest here: Go the Travel Podcast.

Ladies What Travel

Ladies What Travel / Via

This travel blog is not your run of the mill blog. Keri and Emma are the authors and photographers for Ladies What Travel. They write about their most enthralling experiences. Keri, a part-time traveller from the UK has a love for affordable luxury, wildlife and afternoon tea. Along with her friend Emma, she heads up a team of bloggers whose mission is to help you make the most of your weekends and annual leave. Their vivid images and colorful tales are both entertaining and educating. Check them out at Ladies What Travel.

Go Hobo

Unlike a lot of blogs that focus on luxury travel, Go Hobo creates content for a different type of traveler. With articles to help you learn how to live and travel in a van, and resources to find housesitting gigs while traveling, Go Hobo is the ideal blog for a new generation. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2017. Check them out at and Facebook.


And North

Instagram: @andnorth

And North maintains a visually stunning website. Not only are their photos great, but their staff and contributors write amazing content. This popular travel website focus is Upstate New York. So if you’re in the Hudson Valley and you need a place to eat, stay, shop, or visit, then is your site. Find them on Facebook and

The Sweetest Way

Leah likes the idea of location independence, as in: living and working wherever you want. Her travel blog has some great content, like her favorite European Hostels and her guide to Falling in Love with Barcelona. Leah also has valuable advice for readers if they want to become location independent themselves: Find her on Facebook.

Burger Abroad

Instagram: @burgerabroad

Believe it or not but this food blog is not about hamburgers, in fact Amanda Burger is a vegan. This is probably the best travel blog you will find for vegan travelers. She creates comprehensive guides for vegans in places like Copenhagen, Portland, and Amsterdam. This full-time traveler advises readers with essential travel knowledge for beginners and the seasoned adventurer. Content like, how to stay safe on the road, and fun things like, 80 British Words to Know Before Visiting the UK, are great to read.

Check out her site: Burger Abroad and Facebook.

Wild About Travel

Instagram: @1step2theleft

This Travel Blog’s photo essays can make you feel like you’ve traveled there yourself. The site's author makes it a habit of venturing through quaint and charming towns. Her spontaneous attitude towards travel has landed her in some really unique places. She documents her adventures at Wild at Travel and Facebook.


Fit Travels

Instagram: @fit_travels

Sarah at Fit Travels runs a blog that combines her two passions: Fitness and Travel. Her posts include detailed packing lists, travel stories, and fitness tips, so you can keep in shape during your adventures. Check her out at and Facebook.

Escaping Abroad

Tired of living the, “9-5,” James Kelley of Escaping Abroad quit his job and moved overseas. A true adventure traveler, Kelley’s awesome travel blog captures his most wild experiences, like diving with the worlds largest sharks, searching for snakes in the Costa Rican jungle, and hiking on top of an active volcano. Check out his blog at: or his Facebook.

Exploring Kiwis

Instagram: @exploringkiwis

The Exploring Kiwis have been to over 50 different countries. This amazing couple from New Zealand, Sarah and Nathan, publish fresh content every week with lots of photos, reviews, and interesting anecdotes. Each post is loaded with valuable advice for travelers. Find their great travel blog at and on Facebook.

Eat this Poem

The essential travel blog for book lovers, Eat This Poem has literary city guides for 100+ cities. This site lists local bookstores, picturesque coffee shops, gorgeous libraries, and other perks for travelers and locals to stumble upon. You can even learn new things about your own city at Eat this Poem. Check it out at: and on Facebook.

Backpack with Brock

Backpack with Brock takes traveling blogging into the world of Snapchat. His short videos and narration are a must have for Snapchat enthusiasts. Having been to 74 countries, Brock really knows how to capture the most intricate moments on the road. He is a true explorer and conqueror. Follow him on Snapchat and Facebook.

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