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9 Facts About Bladder Leaks You Probably Didn't Expect

We all have bladders! It just so happens that some people's bladders are a little more sensitive. Always Discreet is working to help these women feel empowered by breaking the stigma around bladder leaks and encouraging them to share their stories!

1. Did you know that one in three adult women have experienced bladder leaks?

2. And while bladder leaks are pretty common, 58% of women feel alone with their bladder leak experience.*

3. Bladder leaks can happen at any age, not just when you're older.

4. If you know someone who has had a baby, they may suffer from bladder leaks. In fact, 53% of women [who experience bladder leaks] have given birth to a child.*

5. Strenuous physical activity can also lead to bladder sensitivity.

6. There are actually different types of incontinence: urge, stress, and overflow.

7. If you've peed while coughing or laughing, you may be experiencing stress incontinence.

8. Bladder leaks can be caused by other existing health issues, such as diabetes.

9. 69% of women feel embarrassed talking about a sensitive bladder.*

*One Poll conducted research among 2,260 women in the US between the ages of 18-65. It was an online poll completed between 14th and 17th August 2019.

Bladder leaks affect women of all ages, including some you may not expect. Watch this surprising video. What's your #NotWhatYouExpect experience with bladder leaks? Share in the comments below!

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