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10 Pieces Of Epic Love Advice You Need To Hear RN

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1. "Find someone who is like a well-used tennis shoe."

"Something my great-grandma told my dad before he started dating my mom: 'Find someone who is like a well-used tennis shoe. They fit well, and you love them so much you’ll never give them up, no matter how bad things get.'" —LaChicka

2. "Marry your best friend."

"The best advice is to marry your best friend, and it has served me well. Getting married to my best friend in May 2021." —IndeedHilarious21

3. "The next bus comes in 15 minutes."

"Whenever I went through a breakup or was sad that someone didn't feel the same way about me, my parents used to tell me, 'The next bus comes in 15 minutes.' By that, they meant that when things don't work out with one person, there will always be another who comes along, and it won't be long before they do — so don't sweat it. I've used this one with my friends as well, and it does help put things into perspective." —leenerz11

4. "Be each other’s cheerleader."

"The best advice my mom gave me about being in a relationship was that my boyfriend and I need to be each other’s cheerleader. While that includes being supportive of one another, what she is referring to is being an advocate for them to our families. Keeping a good relationship with the in-laws is probably a positive thing, so if something they do bothers you, your S.O. should be the one to stand up for you." —yeslikethewitch

5. "It doesn’t matter when; it matters who."

"In other words, don’t be in a relationship just to be in a relationship. Don’t be in a relationship just to have a void filled in your life. If you’re with someone, it should be because they add something to your life, enhance who you already are, and make you want to be a better person." —gracemonette

6. "Know your value."

“[My dad said] a person always puts their best foot forward at the beginning of a relationship. If that isn’t good enough, then it won’t get any better. Know your value.” —CaitMarie

7. "Love isn't that hard."

"Leave the grand dramas, harsh statements, and miscommunication to the movies. Love is respect, love is talking, love is caring, love is admitting you were wrong. Relationships are hard. Life is hard. Love is the easiest part." —shear4469a9302

8. "Marry somebody who has a cup of tea waiting for you when you get home."

"Meaning [someone who] thinks of your needs." —fiftyshamesofdevingray

9. "If nothing about him changed at all from this moment, would you want to be with him forever?"

"Before getting engaged to my fiancé, my mom asked me, 'If nothing about him changed at all from this moment, would you want to be with him forever?' It was at that moment that I knew I could spend the rest of my life picking up his socks. I think that most people enter into marriage expecting their partner to change in some magical way, but that doesn't really happen." —sarahh496fb0aea

10. "If you want a dream relationship it has to be a team relationship."

"[My grandma] always says that if you want a dream relationship it has to be a team relationship. Best advice I’ve ever gotten." —Nikwillison

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