Proof "Supernatural" Is Obsessed With "Back To The Future"

This show can’t keep it in its pants for BTTF.

1. There was this scene.

4X3 “In The Beginning”

2. And this scene.

Episode 6X18 “Frontierland”

Which they stole from this.

3. Dean used this trick again to send a letter to Sam from 1944.

Dean: Back to the Future 3! I’m going to need some paper.

7X12 “Time After Time”

4. Guess what day he wrote it.

5. Dean used this alias when he traveled back to the Old West.

6X18 “Frontierland”

I wonder where he got that?

6. There was that time Chronos was in on it.

Dean: He’s using the Biff strategy…Chronos is betting on races he already knows the outcome of.

7X12 “Time After Time”

7. BTTF is the only way Dean understands time travel.

Dean: “What, the angels got their hands on some DeLoreans? What he hell is going on here?”

4X3 “In The Beginning”

Dean: I thought I smelled your stink on this “Back to the Future” crap.

5X4 “The End”

Dean: So what, you’re like a DeLorean without enough plutonium?

5X13 “The Song Remains The Same”

Dean: I’m guessing he’s gonna whip up another one of those blood spells and Marty McFly himself back to the 1950s.

8X12 “As Time Goes By”

Oh, and here’s Misha with a DeLorean.

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